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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Suzuka

The most famous Formula 1 radio show is back with the sassiest radio communications: Formula 1 Radio is back! Guess who’s on top of our Hit Parade in Radio Suzuka  and who earned our Special Prize.

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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Suzuka
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Ladies and gentleman, ようこそ! Or at least we are pretty sure that means welcome. 

This is Formula 1 Radio and, despite the typhoon, we tried to listen to as many team radio as possible.

Lewis Hamilton - “Which is the wind direction?
Practically no wind.” (FP1)


It hasn’t been easy, the wind was too strong that we almost didn’t hear anything,  especially in FP3!

Wait, are you telling me there was no FP3?

Max Verstappen - “Did you got my message?”
“About the front end?

Max Verstappen - “Yeah.”
Yeah, understood, thank you.” (FP2)

Yes, Max, Red Bull’s pit wall did receive your message. We may have lost our message about Friday! 

Carlos Sainz - “It suddenly.. suddenly failed, I don’t know..” (FP1)

Yes, that’s what happened to our email! 

Anyway, let’s see what happened in Japan, shall we? 

Everyone was a bit confused on Friday already, since no one knew if there would’ve been action on track on Saturday. Our drivers can suddenly get nervous, we know them, and media always build stories around them, especially if team mates.

The latest story is about Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, but the truth is there’s nothing between them, but love and respect. 

Charles Leclerc - “Sorry to Seb, Lance was very slow in the last sector.” (FP2) 

Nothing but Lance Stroll, obviously. 

There was a little bit of confusion in the McLaren box too. 

Carlos stop the car, no lounge.
Carlos Sainz - “Stop the car.”
It’s good to go, it’s good to go, no worries.
Carlos Sainz - “Ahah.” (FP2)

And something happened during the race too. 

And Lando we’ve been receiving incorrect blue flags messages, so follow on track blue flags, no the ones on the dash.”
Lando Norris - “Okay.” (Race)

But if you think it is over… well, it’s not. 

Someone showed the checkered flag one lap earlier. 

Chequered flag is out for some reason. Chequered flag is out. Keep the position. Chequered flag is out.
Pierre Gasly - “He came back on me.”
“Keep pushing, keep pushing, keep pushing.” (Race)

I mean, you can’t do this kind of things with drivers like Romain and Kevin out on track! Anything can happen. 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t record any team radio from our beloved duo, maybe Guenther Steiner shut every microphone after what happened in Russia. 

The only thing we have is this. 

Okay, man, we are through, we are tenth and through to Q3, good job!”
Romain Grosjean - “Yeee-aah!” (Q2)

He thought he was already in Austin and celebrated like a cowboy. 

And this wasn’t the only celebration of the weekend. 

Sebastian Vettel finally came back on Pole Position. 

Pole position! Pole position!
Sebastian Vettel - “Yes guys! Yes guys! Grazie ragazzi.”
Mattia Binotto - “Super Seb! Super, super, super!” (Q3)

Alex Albon, instead, collected his best ever result in Formula 1: 4th place for him. 

Well done mate. Top stuff! P4.”
Alex Albon - “Thank you guys. Thank you everyone. Sorry about the start.”
Christian Horner - “Well done, Alex! One place to go to be on the podium. and great move on the McLaren. Well done.” (Checkered flag)

But what happened during the race to their team mates, Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen? 

Charles Leclerc - “Oh, got damage.”
“Copy, we are checking it.” (Race)
Race control have said there’s no investigation ongoing for that incident.
Max Verstappen - “What? What the …. ? What the.....? Where should I go? He just ***** understeered into my car.” (Race)

I guess Max’s words say it all. 

But what caused a conversation was Charles Leclerc staying out with a damaged front wing. He even managed to do the 130S with one hand on the steering wheel, the other keeping his left mirror, as he was about to lose it. 

A piece of his front wing almost hit Lewis Hamilton. 

But why the monegasque stayed out? Was it his fault or Ferrari’s? 

Box now, box, box now, box.
Charles Leclerc -“Why don’t we continue a little bit more?”
“We need to box this lap, box.”
Charles Leclerc - “Copy box but just to let you know the car doesn’t feel that bad. I know it probably looks like, but the car is quite ok. Do you confirm me that we need to box?”
“Stay out, stay out, stay out.”
And box now, box. We need to box this lap. Box this lap.
Charles Leclerc - “I….yeah….it was quite ok.” (Race)

Well, at least now you know. 

What about our Hit Parade? Let’s start! 

Third place for Lewis Hamilton. 

Valtteri’s nearly got a full pit stop.”
Lewis Hamilton - “How have I lost that much time?”
“Deg is much higher, deg is much higher and we lost time behind Vettel.
Lewis Hamilton - “I’m out of the race now. If deg is that massive, why didn’t you give me hard tyres? Can you guys explain a bit please? Because I’m basically out of the race with a pitstop behind.”
So Vettel is a guaranteed two stop. So we’re gonna see how this comes to us.” (Race)

Come on, Lewis, let Valtteri win one, at least! 

Toto Wolff - “Difficult day today but we’ve just won the constructors championship for the sixth time in a row.”
Lewis Hamilton - “Congratulations guys.” (Checkered Flag)

Ah, Toto, I guess he doesn’t care.

Second place for Nico Hulkenberg. 

Nico Hulkenberg - “But did you see the start man? The first lap? That was awesome.”
“That was awesome mate!” (Race)

This man needs a seat for next year. He’s trying everything, even if modesty is not his best quality! 

We love you, Hulk, it’s all made with love, don’t get angry please.

First place for the race winner, Valtteri Bottas.

James, didn’t you owe him something? 

Yes Valtteri! You are the man! Well done!
Valtteri Bottas - “Woohooo! Yes! Miss that feeling guys! Thank you. James, it’s Valtteri. Well done! Thank you.”
“Amazing start, Valtteri! Really well done to you! Really well done! Great win!"
Valtteri Bottas - ”Cheers!” (Checkered Flag)

Valtteri didn’t forget, James. And now he got what was his. 

And finally, our Special Prize: Honeslty, what are we doing here? is not assigned to a team radio, but to Formula 1.

Honestly: can you please understand what are you going to do with the structure of F1 weekends?

Are we going to have a Friday still? 

We can’t live like this, please, Formula 1, answer. 

Thank you. 

See you in Mexico, my sombrero is ready! 

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