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2021 regulations are out: limitations, changes and the mini race

New regulations for 2021 are decided and the major innovations are a mini race, budget and aero with the help of Ross Brawn.

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2021 regulations are out: limitations, changes and the mini race
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Place de la Concorde has been a good sign for F1: after a meeting of four hours in Paris, an agreement between the teams approved the new regulations of 2021 without veto from Ferrari or procrastinations to 2021.

FIA and Liberty Media will announce it officially on October 31st, with the start of USA GP.

The first innovation is a budget cap set to 175 million of dollars excluding marketing and travel expenses.

Standardisation will be reduced to few elements and more detail will come out in two weeks but teams will have the chance to choose minor elements, like hubs and nuts, from different brands even if the final effect will be very alike.

Cars layout will be based on the projects that teams have already presented few months ago; only minor changes are allowed.

There will be a help for middle-standing teams: the first three teams will devolve 15% of the season’s income to the following three, the 4th, the 5th and the 6th.

Ferrari maintained its usual right of veto but with some limitations: it could put its veto only on issues concerning Power Unit and economical rules. In case of controversy, the Prancing Horse will have the right to call only the FIA’s Court of Appeal.

Mini race is frozen. It is no news that circus is talking about organizing a short race on Saturday afternoon to decide Sunday’s grid instead of qualifying but the proposal is frozen because it did not reach the unanimity.


Aero changes too: in order to reduce the slipstreaming effect that limits overtaking and wastes tyres, the importance of wings will be reduced.

Ross Brawn is central for his specialised advises on the technical front and his projects of 2021 cars and in two weeks other clarifications and details will come out.

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