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Lewis Hamilton dissapointed with his power unit this season

The reining champion seems dissapointed with his engine and hopes it will improve next season.

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Lewis Hamilton dissapointed with his power unit this season
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Mercedes has been the best team during the last four years, and nobody has been able to beat them. One of the best characteristics of their car is the reliability their engine has been. Despite this, it seems that their rivals (or at least Ferrari) have found the key to fight with the Germans. As we know, the biggest strength of Ferrari is their power unit and therefore, they have the most powerful engine in all the grid. As reported by “Marca.com”, there was an interview with the reigning champion, Lewis Hamilton, in which the British driver classified the Mercedes’ engine with the word “anger”. These last few races, Ferrari has been very dominant, but it may be pretty late. Ferrari was the top team during the Singapore GP, Russian GP, Belgian GP and Italian GP so, should Mercedes be worried about this new performance?

Even though his statements, he supports all the team members and congrats each of them because of their hard work. “They have worked very hard throughout the season although the result has not been successful in this part of the car. I hope to improve the power of the car and reduce the resistance. That way, we will be better. Commented the British driver.

In my point of view, these statements are a little bit obsessive. We know that the British is very ambitious, and he is always looking for more but, in this case, Lewis seems to be angry or frustrated but if we look into the data, the Mercedes’ engine has been the most reliable of all the grid, even more reliable that the Ferrari one. It is better to have an engine which is a little bit less powerful but it is more reliable so it won’t give you problems and you will always finish the race. In the other hand, let’s imagine you have the most powerful engine but it is not that reliable, you can be winning but if it blows up or has a problem, you will have to retire and you won’t have any points. I understand Lewis’ point of view, but you shouldn’t be that tough with your team, they are always trying to improve their whole car and, in this case, their power unit.

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