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Why Giovinazzi is likely to secure his 2020 seat at Alfa Romeo

Breaking down Antonio Giovinazzi's reasons why he is most likely to keep his 2020 seat at Alfa Romeo.

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Why Giovinazzi is likely to secure his 2020 seat at Alfa Romeo
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Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi has gone through a see-sawing rookie season thus far in 2019, having managed to score four points against teammate Raikkonen’s 31. However, the Italian has been on a more consistent streak since the summer break, with two Top-10 finishes after his first point at Paul Ricard.

Although his 2020 drive has not been secured yet, Giovinazzi is confident that he will succeed at maintaining his current spot in the Swiss-based team, despite the fact that his seat is extremely coveted at the moment. At the moment Nico Hulkenberg finds himself in no man’s land after he parted ways with Renault (as Mercedes test driver Esteban Ocon is stepping in on a multi-year deal) and he has certainly been looking towards Alfa Romeo as well.

Despite the fact that pressure mounts up as months go by, Giovinazzi is able to draw a comparison between his days in feeder series. “It was always like that for me and already from karting I didn’t have the budget to continue” he told motorsport.com.

“I had a small go-kart team that supported me for free and then when I went to formula cars my sponsor was an Indonesian guy and there were many drivers looking for my seat and my position. But I played with the pressure and now I’m here, and it’s the same thing with F1. I think it’s a normal type of pressure here. In F1 everything can change really fast from race to race.”

“In one race you are a hero, in the next you are shit and then you are a hero again.”

One’s credibility may be crushed and swept away by heavy mediatic waves expressing the general sentiment after something dramatic happens such as a crash or a driver fails to score. It is obviously normal that the media choose to emphasize single facts, either negative or positive, to depict one’s character in an eloquent and impactful way rather than looking at the bigger picture. Giovinazzi learnt it rather quickly, as it is a factor drivers deal and cope with on a daily basis depending on what emerges in the mad world of journalism.

Detachment is key and personal relationships of genuine support may help and boost someone’s confidence with ease. In fact, Giovinazzi also believes that being on good terms with Ferrari will help him prevail in the contention for the Alfa Romeo seat he currently occupies. The Italian has spent his spare year at Ferrari’s simulator before entering the Alfa Romeo cockpit, being involved in race preparation processes and car development as well. “I have a really good relationship with Mattia and I think it was Singapore when he said that Ferrari are always supporting me and following me and I think that’s really great.Such message of reassurance from Binotto would eventually deminish the rumours of any possible tensions between Giovinazzi and the team after the crash in Spa.

The racing weaning of Schumacher Jr – Being an FDA member, Mick Schumacher’s debut in F1 will most certainly be arranged between Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. Rumours suggest that 2021 might see Mick’s big step come true, which could enforce the theory which seen Giovinazzi getting a one-year deal extension. As for 2021, the Italian would undergo further evaluation from the team next year, with Mick Schumacher fully in the picture while keeping an eye on the drivers' market at the same time.



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