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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Mexico City

The most famous Formula 1 radio show is back with the sassiest radio communications: Formula 1 Radio is back! Guess who’s on top of our Hit Parade in Radio Mexico City  and who earned our Special Prize.

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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Mexico City
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Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the newest edition of Formula 1 Radio. 

We are live from Mexico City, where the muertos are already around the streets, even tough it’s not Halloween yet. 

Our drivers, instead, were pretty scared to hit the track, considering… well, usually Romain and Kevin’s names are enough, but Lance is also pretty scaring.

Lance Stroll - “F**k! Sorry.”
“Is it possible to drive back Lance, or is too bad? Can you drive nice and slow into the pits? Into the pit… into the pit..” (FP1)

Keep repeating it, I’m sure that he’ll get what to do, sooner or later.

Charles Leclerc - “I’m pretty sure he crashed into last corner.. where did he crashed?”
“So he crashed into last corner, but then he was able to continue and he came back.” (FP1)

Stay out of his way, Charles, if you want to stay safe.

It seems like almost anyone wanted to be crazy and let all the others be polemic.

Alex Albon - “What the f**k is he doing?” (FP3)

Alex now uses the F word. He is really ready to be a top driver, now. We are proud of you!

Kimi Raikkonen - “What is the McLaren doing? Because it is supposed to leave if someone fast is coming.”
“You’re right.
” (FP1)

And that’s what blue flags are for, ask Sebastian about it.

Sebastian Vettel - “It was a mess in the last corner.” (FP1)

Max Verstappen - “What a… what a mess. Sebastian is.. what the f**k is he doing? Everybody is waiting and he wants to go by, unbelievable.” (FP1)

Max… really? I’ll just say: double. yellow. flag.

Daniil Kvyat - “C’mon, then! He doesn’t even look!!” (FP2)

Yes, Daniil, we know, he doesn’t.

Pierre Gasly - “Is he kidding me or..?”
“Yeah, not sure what he’s doing.” (FP2)

He is ignoring yellow flags, can we go on, please?

Thank you. 

Sergio Perez - “What the **** Verstappen is doing man!?” (Race) 

Max is pole position!
Max Verstappen - “Ahah! Yes guys! C’mon! That was unbelievable, the car was so good! 
Christian Horner - “Well done mate, that was fantastic. Well done, really good job.
Max Verstappen - “A little bit of redemption from last year. The car is really on fire!” (Q3)

Oh, okay. Now that he has celebrated, stop it! 

Sebastian Vettel - “I mean, c’mon guys! It was a shame. Would’ve been a good lap!” (Q3)

We’re sorry, Seb. 

The Mexican GP has been all about misunderstandings too. 

Lewis Hamilton - “There was a miscommunication, I thought you said I could do consecutive laps if I want, I didn’t understand nearly got time for two laps.” (FP3)

We heard Bono couldn’t make it to the Mexican GP, and Mercedes replaced him with a guy named Marcus. I’m sure he didn’t know what he was going through when he accepted the job. 

Lewis Hamilton - “You fancy give me some feedback?
Lewis Hamilton - “My tyres are off.” (FP2)

Marcus, rule number 1: answer. As fast as you can. To everything Lewis says. 

Lance do you think we’ll get much out of another lap?
Lance Stroll - “No, I don’t.”
“Box then, save the tyre for the long run.

Lance Stroll - “It’s your call.” (FP2)

I think that in Racing Point they need to repeat things twice.

Lance Stroll - “Turn 13, I need something. It’s so bad there.”
“What’s bad, Lance? Tell me what’s bad.”
Lance Stroll - “I can’t turn the car. I have no front end. But everywhere else I have a terrible rear end.” (Race)

So Lando, we’re gonna do a live pitstop and we’re gonna drive back out again. So launch map on please. Launch map on. Careful, the pitlane is wet.
Lando Norris - “I can’t drive out again.” 
“Ah, correct. sorry. You’ll be live pit stop engine off. Well done! Thank you.” (FP3)

And as you know this is a very important stint.
Charles Leclerc - “What? 
Important stint, we need to push.” (Race)

Thankfully in Ferrari thei’re used to deaf drivers (sorry Kimi).

Swap position with Kimi.
Antonio Giovinazzi - “Why?”
“We have to cool down the car a bit.” 
Antonio Giovinazzi - “Yeah but why?”
“We will give it back.” (Race)

And sorry Antonio. You didn’t deserve it! 

Strategies have decided the race in Mexico. At the Ferrari pit wall someone made a bad call for Charles Leclerc, while on the other side…

Mode box, mode box.”
Sebastian Vettel - “Let him. What do you think of letting him go?”
“Yeah we are thinking and monitoring anyway. Mode box.” (Race)

And we need you to push as much as you can.”
Charles Leclerc - “I try! Tyres are gone.” (Race)

At the same time, Lewis Hamilton was complaining with Bono’s doppleganger. 

Lewis Hamilton - “Things are getting pretty hot here.” (Race) 

Er.. what do you mean? 

From there on, Lewis did put on a show.

Lewis Hamilton - “I don’t think it’s enough man, he’s got fresh tyres.” (Race)

Lewis Hamilton - “Feels like we stopped way too early.”
“We doin a really good job here Lewis. We got track position.
Lewis Hamilton - “Stopped way too early, there’s a long way to go on this types man.” (Race)

Lewis Hamilton - “We gonna be in trouble when he comes out.”
“Yeah, Lewis we know, it’s gonna be difficult, but we’re up for a win, if we can manage this well
Lewis it’s James you can do this.” (Race)

Wow. Usually James speaks only to Valtteri. 

Lewis Hamilton - “I don’t know if the gap is enough man! He came out on fresh tyres. Feels like we stopped way too early! We stopped too early. There’s a long way to go on these tyres man.”
“Yeah Lewis, we know. It’s gonna be difficult but we are on for a win if we can manage this well.”
“Lewis, it’s James. You can do this!” (Race)

And Leclerc…

Charles Leclerc - “What are you waiting for pit?”
“We are trying to be on the pace delta.”
Charles Leclerc - “My front tires are dead.”
“Copy understood.” (Race)

And it’s finally time for our Hit Parade.

Third place is still for…

Yesss! Brilliant job! Well done! P1! What a race! What a job!”
“Well done, Lewis! Really, well job!”
Lewis Hamilton - “Whoo! What a job guys! Thank you so much for your hard work! That was a tough race but we stuck in there. Fantastic job! Thank you everyone for all your support as always. That one's for Bono!”
“And that’s some big shoes to fill, but I’ve done as half as good job as Bono.”
Lewis Hamilton - “You did a fantastic job man, thank you, you worth it!” (Chequered flag)

Actually not for Lewis. 

But for Marcus, because he heard Lewis complaining for an entire weekend.

And for Bono. I know you were happy to avoid Lewis.

Best of wishes, Bono, we miss you! 

Second placement for our beloved Romain Grosjean. 

Red flag, red flag.
Romain Grosjean - “Aaaaaaargh! Duh duh duh duh!” (FP2)

And it was just FP2. Wait until quali.

Romain Grosjean - “This is not driveable. This is absolutely not driveable."
“Look watch for Bottas, two behind
Romain Grosjean - “I don’t give a f**k!” (Q1) 

Hey, hey… remember what happened to Kevin last time? Remember Guenther is ALWAYS listening. 

That’s P18.”
Romain Grosjean - “We need to understand. Something happened. Unbelievable.” (Q1)

And on top of our podium… there the one and only and unique.. Daniel Ricciardo!!!

Daniel Ricciardo - “Ehm.. Just one for the helmet. I think I lost my straw.. there’s not a straw in here to drink.”
“Yeah copy that.” (Pre- race)

The straw came, he got drunk and… 

Nice one and radio check.
Daniel Ricciardo - “Yep. Looesey goosey. Harr! Harr!”
“OK, it’s about 15 seconds to the green light.” 
Daniel Ricciardo - “OK. you sound husky and beautiful.”
“Do my best for you.” (Pre- race) 

Daniel is Daniel. We’re so happy to have you on top, Honey Badger! 

And the winner of our Special Prize: Honestly, what are we doing here?…

There’s not a team radio. Just a name. 


Really, do I need to say more?

Carlos Sainz - “If that’s not enough then I don’t know.” (Q2)


If you haven’t had enough of Formula 1 Radio, well, no worries: the Austin GP is about to happen on Sunday! 

We’ll be right back! Thanks for listening, see you in Texas, yeee-aaah! 





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