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F1 2021 car revealed before Austin weekend

Ahead of the American Austin weekend, Liberty Media and FIA decided to make public the rendering and the rules set for the 2021 championship

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F1 2021 car revealed before Austin weekend
Fuente imagen: F1 Media

The official ruling body and reigning promoter has chosen a specific date to announce the plans of what could one of the most awaited technical disruption with the past of all times.

Ahead of the US Grand Prix weekend, the FIA together with Liberty Media, have released the official statement and rules for the 2021 championship: enclosed to the announcement some rendering photos were included in order to better anticipate how the new generation of cars will look like.

The main goal of this new regulation is to allow cars and drivers to follow each other in a closer way, and to make the grid more competitve breaking the big difference we have today. Besides the new cars are suposed to be more attractive.

The main noticeable feature it’s the revised aerodynamic bodywork: the so called ‘Coca-Cola’ design it’s even more pronounced than the actual cars.

Moreover, the front and rear wing have been renewed; while the first resembles more a ‘U’ letter, with the lateral supports forming a single piece with the planes and the nose “glued” to the wing level, the latter has been conceived as a reversed ‘Delta’, extremising the current style undergoing in the last season.

One of the most important changes is in the aerodynamic downforce. They expect to reduce that downforce to a 86% of the current total (loss of 14%) when cars are following another cars. Currently, when someone is trying to chase to other driver, the car behind have a drop of 45% of the total downforce, making the car very unestable. Ross Brawn, F1 sports director, says the cars will be about three seconds slower than the current ones.

Other of the main rules is about total annual budget which will be of 175 million dolars. However, marketing things will be out of this budget and many other things like drivers salaries, licences, etc.

The new safety device, highly anticipated in the last months, is the ‘L’ carbon wing surmounting the front tyres: the device rather than be an aerodynamical part, has been engineered for preventing the clinches of tyres between two following cars, especially during the dramatic starts.

Even the floor area seems to be cleaner and simpler compared to the last seasons layouts: it cannot be spotted any vertical splitters at the very end of the car and the bodywork design can recognised to have been copied even at the lower level underneath the chassis.

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