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Your ultimate guide of the Circuit of the Americas

The USA Grand Prix is getting closer and here is all the information about COTA, the circuit it will be held.

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Your ultimate guide of the Circuit of the Americas
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The United States Grand Prix will be held this weekend and it is getting closer and closer. Tomorrow will be the first two practice sessions and, as the conditions are right now, it seems it is going to be a cold Grand Prix. 2012 was the first American Grand Prix that was held in the Circuit of The Americas. And, as last week for the Mexican Grand Prix, here is your ultimate guide of COTA. (Cota is the contraction of “Circuit of the Americas”).

We start our flying lap in the principal straight which is a little short, the first corner is to the left and you need to climb a little slope because it is on the top of it. When turn 1 is done, turn 2 is to the right and it isn’t too complicated to achieve it. After this, the next section is the one with the “esses”. Turns 3, 4 and 5 are the first part, they are a combination of left-right-left and you need to be very careful if you want to have a good first sector because if you miss one, you’ll have problems in the next turns. Turn 6 is a wide turn to the right and it is the last corner that is part of Sector 1. Sector 2 starts with Turn 7, 8 and 9. They are, once again, a combination of left-right-left and Turn 10 is a few meters in front. Between Turn 10 and 11 is the DRS Detection Zone 1 and Turn 11 is a close turn to the left, you need to have a good exit because you have a long straight ahead. This straight is the first DRS Zone and it also has the speed trap, we usually see a lot of overtakes at the entry of Turn 12, which is a close turn to the left. Turn 13 is the first corner that is part of Sector 3 and it is very close to turn 14, both are to the right. Turn 15 is a double-apex corner to the left. The most iconic part (excluding the “esses”) of COTA are Turns 16, 17 and 18; these turns are also known as the “horseshoe” and it is known by the “failed” overtake of Max Verstappen on Kimi Raikkonen in 2017. Finally, we have turns 19 and 20, both are to the left and there is again the principal straight, which also has the second DRS zone.

Summarizing, the track has a length of 5.513 km, while the race distance is of 308.405 km. The USA Grand Prix consists of 56 laps. The track has eleven turns to the left and nine to the right, it is one of the few circuits that have more turns to the left than to the right. Who will win the GP? Who will get Pole? All the answers are going to be given in the next few days and of course, MotorLat will bring you all of the information of this GP.

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