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The most famous Formula 1 radio show is back with the sassiest radio communications: Formula 1 Radio is back! Guess who’s on top of our Hit Parade in Radio Austin  and who earned our Special Prize.

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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Austin
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Howdie all ya’ll. 

Ladies and gentleman, cowboys and cowgirls, let’s get ready to rumble! 

We are in the rough and south America, we in Texas, and for the special event, we’ll follow twenty cowboys riding cars, Formula 1 cars and they go pretty fast. 

Ok, our homies did behave well in Austin, Texas. 

Our Danny Ricc even waited for the checkered flag to have a texan barbie. 

Nice job mate, P6, well done mate, awesome drive.
Daniel Ricciardo - “Ahah nice boys, niiiice. Thank you.” 
“Awesomely managed mate.”
Cyril Abiteboul - “What a finish Daniel, thank you.”
Daniel Ricciardo - “Thank you Cyril, thanks boys. Giddy giddy!”
“You deserve some barbecue now!
Daniel Ricciardo - “Finally! Thanks boys!” (Checkered flag)

Can you hear the accent? 

A well deserved barbecue for the Australian, but what about his colleagues? 

Well, maybe someone ate too much junk food in America, and that was why all our drivers complained about bumps. 

Lewis Hamilton - “These bumps are insane out here, I don’t know if this track is safe.” (FP1)

Charles Leclerc - “I took the bump out of turn 9 and something.. there was something strange. I was just driving normally, I don’t know what happened.” (FP1)

Main place to find time is still turn 1, just back off the braking a little bit. Use the track and focus on the minimum.” 
Lando Norris - “I can’t see, it’s so bumpier, I can’t see at all.” (FP3)

Kevin Magnussen - “And there’s a big jump, then a bump, then a jump, in the track, exit of turn 9.” (FP1)

You can almost write a rap song from this team radio. Ya’ll know how they say it here, H- towwwn. 

Back to business.

But bumps were not the only issue. Ask Leclerc for clarifications.

Charles Leclerc - “There’s a problem with the engine I think.”
“Yeah we’re checking it. We’ll let you know.
” (FP1)

This wasn’t the only issue for Charles.

Charles Leclerc - “Wait… yeah… yeah there was a problem with my neutral safety car delta.”
“Yeah can see it on data."
Charles Leclerc - “What should do?"
“Just go slow and box now box, we can see the issue on data.” (FP2)

And things just got worse…

And Hamilton lap time 39.7.
Charles Leclerc - “No way I can do that.”
“Okay, understood.” (FP2)

Charles try to upshift before the bump, exit turn 9.”
“Try tp upshift earlier on exit turn 9
Charles Leclerc - “Yeah but guys, I cannot shift earlier, I’m already doing it.” (FP2)

Charles Leclerc - “There’s something wrong with the engine.”
“Stop the car.” (FP3)

Let me know if you can go faster, question.
Charles Leclerc - “I don’t think I can with these tyres, and I don’t think it’s good anyway, I don’t need more mileage, so..” (Q2)

… for Sebastian! 

And try to avoid.. apex.. kerb on apex turn 8.”
Charles Leclerc - “Why??”
“Just because Sebastian had a suspension failure there.” (Race)

The German was forced to retire from the Austin Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel - “I must have damage! I don’t know where from, I didn’t touch anything, but I have understeer like crazy.” (Race)

Sebastian Vettel - “I think the suspension just failed. Yeah, failed. Something broke. Yeah. I don’t know what happened there. Completely failed.” (Race)

A lot of things failed during the weekend.

Like laps..

Okay, for reference, that lap exceeded track limits at turn 19. So that lap won’t count. Don’t answer me.”
Max Verstappen - “No.”
“I know what you’re gonna say.” (FP1)


Carlos is the car okay?
Carlos Sainz - “Yeah i just lost the rear in high speed. Car is okay, tires are destroyed.” (FP1)

Carlos Sainz - “Oh yeah you were right. These tyre ******. Anyway, I’ll try again.” (FP1)

“Are you okay?
Romain Grosjean - “Yeah, I’m okay, but the car is not.” (FP2)

Track engineers and pit walls… 

George Russell - “What the f**k is Perez doing?”
“I’m not sure if he’s gonna rush to the pits or not.” (FP2)

Even the team doesn’t know as well. 

Checo weight bridge.
Sergio Perez - “I didn’t see it, what do I do?”
“Come to the garage, we’ll stop outside, pass the pitstop. Guys gonne push you back to the weight bridge.” (FP2)

Maybe, in Racing Point, they were distracted by another failure… 

Lance Stroll - “Not slowing down for turn 1. No brakes.”
“So you’re a bit cold on brakes going into turn 1, but also braking what seems late
.” (FP2) 

Lance do you think you can go any better than that? Cause I’m thinking maybe we can be boxing.
Lance Stroll - “Do you wanna try the first part of the lap?” (FP2)

Kimi Raikkonen - “I don’t know what the Racing Point is doing, it tried to block me, it stopped almost and tried to go inside.” (FP3)

He doesn’t know as well. 

Lance Stroll - “Do I have a puncture?”
“Not a the moment, Lance, don’t think so. I didn’t get hit.” (Race)

Kimi, who are you to judge Lance? 

Max Verstappen - “The Alfa is not moving.”
“That was Kimi.
” (FP1) 

Max, he’s 40, he was probably taking a nap.

Max himself had some issues as well during the weekend. 

Yellows at turn six. Grosjean currently off track, might be debris.
Max Verstappen - “Slowing down.” (FP2) 

And this was Red Bull demonstrating everyone they teached Max how to behave in situations like this. But be careful, one step at a time, right? 

Also, it wasn’t that easy in Quali.

Daniil Kvyat - “Well, that was a messy start to the lap.”
“Yeah, we have seen it.
” (Q1) 

Is someone hungry? Sandwich, maybe?

Max Verstappen - “Lewis f****d as all! So it’s his f***ing problem this, what’s happening.” (Q1)

If someone has learned something, that his Romain Grosjean. 


Romain Grosjean - “Ok brother I need help, it’s a.. no rear at all.”
“Ok we’re looking at systems now.” (FP3) 

It didn’t last long.

Romain Grosjean - “I can’t go any faster, that’s all the tires can give me.” (Q2) 

Geri Halliwell had an album called “scream if you wanna go faster” just follow her advice, it seems to work with Red Bull.

Romain Grosjean - “That outlap was a joke. That completely **** it, what was that strategy, we could’ve been aware of it. I don’t know, do you want me to start the lap with tyres not even on 90°?” (Q2)

Ah no, maybe stick to a normal voice level, Romain. 

Romain Grosjean - “Yeah, man, there’s absolutely no traction. SO… turn 1 there’s a lot going on, but I can’t really do more.” (Race) 

We got it.

Kevin Magnussen - “There’s a lot of air coming through my visor. Can you get back around?” (FP1)

Ah, I love this team. 

Kimi Raikkonen decided, indeed, to wake up for the race.

Ok Kimi, turn 18 and 6 is where you damaged the most your rear tyre.
Kimi Raikkonen - “Yeah but I can’t slow down if I wanna keep there with the other car. So we’ll stick to our plan.” (Race)

And he was pretty angry. 

Kimi Raikkonen - “I think he was off the track.”
“Okay, copy that.
” (Race)

Need to let Kimi past apparently. Need to let Kimi past.”
Nico Hulkenberg - “Dunno how you wanna race then. There you go.” (Race)

We’re sorry, Nico. He wasn’t the only one upset. 

Daniil Kvyat - “YES! F***ing took it!” (Race) 

Do you mean Perez or the post race penalty? 

Sergio Perez - “Man! He came so close under the yellow flag! And then he pushed me off. Is that okay? He has broke my car.”
“Checo do you have any damage from that contact?

Sergio Perez - “Oh yeah! He broke the front wing… the suspension. Yeah, he has crashed into me and I gave him a lot of room.” (Race)

Carlos Sainz also tried to hold off his team mate Lando Norris. 

So Carlos we don’t wanna pick up marbles on these tyres, but don’t hold Lando up, he may gonna take Ricciardo.”
Carlos Sainz - “I’ll pass him on the main straight.” (Race)

Spoiler: he didn’t. 

In Austin Lewis Hamilton has been crowned World Champion… in complaining! 

Lewis Hamilton - “How much am I down?”
“Lewis you’re currently P5, Valtteri is P1.” (Q3)

Sorry, this was Valtteri’s. 

Guess who’s on pole?
Valtteri Bottas - “Ahah! YES! Thanks guys!”
Valtterii!! F**king congratulations, mega!
Valtteri Bottas - “Thanks, that was cool.” (Q3)

And Bottas on Pole only means Lewis talking over and over and over. 

Ok Lewis so box box.”
Lewis Hamilton - “I wanna go longer.” (Race)

Ok to the end 32 laps remaining, we will be close to Verstappen at the end of the race.”
Lewis Hamilton - “Do I have chances to win?” (Race) 

Wasn’t the championship yours from Australia already? 

Lewis Hamilton - “It’s gonna be a hard one.” (Race)

Lewis Hamilton - “I don’t know how much longer these tires are gonna last.” (Race)

So gap to Verstappen at 2.9.”
Lewis Hamilton - “I can see him man, just leave me to it.” (Race)

Max Verstappen -Do we have full power? I want full power.”
“Yes we have Max.” (Race)

And this is why the lowest spot on podium is all for Lewis. 

Congrats, man. This young man is writing history. Bow down. 

Get in there Lewis! What a drive mate, that is it! Champion of the world. Did it in style mate, you did that in style!
Lewis Hamilton - “Still we rise guys! Still we rise. What an incredible weekend! Thank you so much guys for today! And to everyone who came out… I can’t believe it! I really can’t believe it!
Okay, Lewis, when you come into the pit lane you have a reserved parking space.” (Checkered flag)

Oh, and welcome back Bono! We missed you. 
(We are sure you didn’t miss Lewis!)

Second place for Valtteri Bottas, the USA GP winner. 

Gap 2 seconds.
Valtteri Bottas - “Okay, no talking now.” 

Does the overtake on Lewis.

Valtteri Bottas - “Now you can speak if you want to.”
“I’m speechless.” (Race)

And finally, the winner, the one who can maybe aim to win the Formula 1 Radio Championship.
The one and only LANDO NORRIS.

And radio check please.”
Lando Norris - “I’m moving up and down, side to side like a rollercoaster.”
“Thought you might say that at some point.
” (FP3)

I am so emotional right now that he even wins the Special Prize: Honestly, what are we doing here?

I'll answer: singing. It's a radio after all. 

Thanks McLaren boys. 

I’m sorry, this is brutally beautiful.

Thanks Lando. 

See ya in Brasil, all ya’ll. 

Hope you enjoyed Formula 1 Radio once again, thanks for sticking with us. 

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