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Interview for Motorlat with Anthony Hamilton from Austin

Lewis Hamilton's father, Anthony, granted us an exclusive interview after the conquest of the sixth world title of his son, a simple man and open to dialogue who feels very proud of his son's achievements, he shared these words with Motorlat from Austin

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Interview for Motorlat with Anthony Hamilton from Austin
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Exclusive interview with Anthony Hamilton after the sixth Lewis Hamilton title


In the story of Lewis Hamilton, there is a man who has been key in his career, a man who is probably, the one who has allowed Lewis more than any other to become a legend of world motor racing, Ron Dennis was instrumental in his career, Wolff and Lauda undoubtedly were too, but without the initial support of his own father we would probably never have met Lewis Hamilton, the super talent who has dominated this century and who has won 4 days ago in Austin his sixth world championship of F1.


Not long ago Juan Manuel Fangio's record of 5 world championships was seen as unattainable, as a milestone difficult to repeat in F1 until Michael Schumacher showed us that there was always a way to achieve dreams by leaving the record in 7 titles, today Lewis Hamilton is a one single World Championship to tie him as the top winner of championships in the history of the sport and to keep many of Michael's records, after the race Anthony Hamilton, Lewis's father, gave us a few minutes to speak exclusively with Motorlat.


Thank you very much Anthony for granting us this time exclusively for Motorlat, congratulations on Lewis Hamilton's sixth title ... What are your feelings for this new Lewis title?


“Wow… it's a dream, isn't it? It's a dream, it's the dream every young driver has in life, to dream of becoming like Ayrton Senna, like Michael Schumacher and now he's Lewis Hamilton, it's something incredible, we are very lucky to be in the same line and accompanied by these illustrious names of the sport, we are honored as a family to accompany them in this category, for a little English boy who came from nowhere in Stevenage to be six times world champion! 


And after so much success ... What's next for Lewis?

"I will try to advise Lewis to keep fit, keep growing and improving, keep enjoying motor sport and, of course, stay in the sport for a good while longer, everything is possible now."


Now the goal is to go on and get the seventh championship for Lewis and match Michael?

"Yes, I think, I'm not so sure that his goal is to match Michael, because we love Michael and his legacy for the sport, his career has been incredible, what we will seek to do now is to be the best possible Lewis version, you know, every year that a new season begins he seeks to compete and win and if those results in the end lead you to conquer another championship is great, but, more than the seventh championship the goal is to be the best driver that can be in the next year , to yield to the top and to continue improving always, that´s the real objective ”.


Do you think Lewis can still have room for improvement then?

"I say it because success and F1 championships always come as a result of a correct base, without the right fundamentals behind you you will never achieve it, so Lewis will have to work harder if he wants to continue winning and conquering championships."


Do you think Mercedes AMG would be Lewis's last team in F1?

“You can never say never, because obviously when the rules change in 2021 Lewis will decide if he continues to enjoy in the new cars and how much longer he wants to continue in F1, also see how he is physically and if he continues to perform fully, we can not know, Mercedes could also decide what time it is for Lewis to retire… ”


Has Lewis ever commented on any date or years he plans to retire, has he ever said anything about it?

"No, no, besides ... I wouldn't let him say something like that ... (laughs), sometimes we have talked about it and he has told me that he feels strong to continue until he is 40 years old, and knowing him would take him seriously."


I guess being so competitive and being so close you won't want to leave F1 without being the top winner in history ...

“He has always told me that he does not care, but with this new championship I do not know if he changes his mind, he has always wanted to be the best, he has always sought to win and leave a legacy in the history of the sport, so if he is already very close I'm sure he won't leave without looking for him… ”

We appreciated his time and after saying goodbye he quickly left the circuit where he was already waiting for a truck to leave the Circuit of the Americas.

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