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Eddie Irvine on Vettel: "He is not a worthy four-time World Champion".

Former Ferrari driver, Eddie Irvine, has made some "rude" statments about Sebastian Vettel and his silly mistakes.

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Eddie Irvine on Vettel: "He is not a worthy four-time World Champion".
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Former Ferrari driver Eddie Irvine has made some rude statements on Sebastian Vettel. He was in an interview with “Betway” in Italy in which the Irish ex driver said that Ferrari’s first driver does not deserve to be a four-time world champion or, in other words, not a worthy world champion. He also gave his point of view of the management of their drivers and suggested to give more attention to Charles Leclerc and his future in Formula One and in Ferrari.

“I said at the start of the year, and everyone went a bit crazy, that Sebastian Vettel was a sitting duck. I thought Leclerc had a good chance of beating him because I don’t think Vettel is a worthy four-time World Champion.” Said Irvine.

He denied saying that he is not a good driver, instead, he said that he is, but he makes a lot of mistakes and Eddie never really thought that Seb was that fast.

“Vettel got an amazing deal with Ferrari. I was surprised that they took him because he was at a stage where he was getting destroyed. I think Ferrari have to focus on Leclerc, but we’ve seen this season Vettel not being sacrificed because he is a four-time World Champion. They’ve lost race wins because of it.” Added the Irish.

He also said that Vettel could do enough damage to Leclerc’s chances of winning races and even the title. He compared the Monegasque with the six-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton while saying that Leclerc is the only one that can race at the same level of Hamilton.

“Hamilton always destroys Vettel in a head-to-head race, if you look at what Leclerc did to Hamilton in Monza, it was probably illegal, but it was so perfectly done that it was hard to punish him for it. It was so beautifully done and that’s why I am really interested to see Leclerc go head-to-head with Hamilton more.”

Personally, I think that these statements are in a way, false. Being a four-time World Champion is not something easy, even if you had the best car in the grid, you must be fast and to be concentrated because if you crash, there won’t be any points. I know that he can make some silly mistakes, but no one is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. In conclusion, you shouldn’t underestimate the German driver because he is fast, and he can prove it with his four championships or all the wins he has achieved.

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