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F1 goes ‘green’: net zero carbon for 2030

With climate change being one of the hottest topics around the world, Formula 1 has a plan to reach zero carbon emissions in just ten years time.

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F1 goes ‘green’: net zero carbon for 2030
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Formula 1 has always been the main leader in automotive innovation. “Aerodynamic innovations, safety developments, energy recovery systems, navigation tools and composite materials from F1 have been adopted by the road car and other industries states the press released document.
That’s why now the pinnacle of motorsport wants to give an extra push towards environment. The first sustainability plan ever for the sport is ambitious: net-zero carbon footprint goal is set for 2030 and it won’t involve just the on-track action but everything that surrounds the events.

After one year of hard work and consultings Formula 1 has its ‘ambitious, yet achievable’ plan and the project will start immediately.


The first checkpoint will come in 2025. That year the events are expected to be fully sustainable, with single-use plastics eliminated and all waste reused. Additionally, incentives and tools will be provided to offer every fan a greener way to reach the race.

For 2030 is set the actual net-zero carbon footprint goal, which will concern a number of elements: firstly ultra-efficient logistics and travel are expected for that year, but also team’s factories, offices and facilities would be 100% renewably powered.
Last but definetly not least: power units.
Nowdays hybrid engines are yet the most advanced and efficent ever created, by gene rating the most speed using the least fuel possible.
According to F1 that’s not enough. With 1 billion out of the 1.1 billions vehicles in the world powered by ICEs (internal combustion engines), the chance of having a global impact on emissions is huge.
That’s why sustainable fuels and advanced energy recovery systems are going to be used to create a net-zero carbon ICE that, combined with the already existant electrical engine, will produce a carbon-footprint-free car.


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