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Your ultimate guide for Interlagos

As usual, here is all the information you need to know about the Interlagos racetrack of the "Autodromo José Carlos Pace", ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix.

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Your ultimate guide for Interlagos
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It’s race week and that means we have a new guide of the racetrack Formula 1 is running in this weekend. This weekend is going to be held the Brazilian Grand Prix in the legendary “Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace” or also known as “Interlagos”. Its first Grand Prix was in 1973 but it was built all the way back in 1938. When the designers were planning the layout of the circuit, their inspiration came from three racetracks: Roosevelt Raceway in the USA, Brooklands in the UK and Montlhery in France. So, as usual, here is your ultimate guide for the “Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace”.

The lap starts in the principal straight which is also the first DRS Zone and it also has the speed trap. When you’ve finished the straight, the next three corners make the “S of Senna”, Turn 1 is to the left, turn 2 to the right and Turn 3 is a big turn to the left. It worth mention that between turn 1 and turn 2 is the DRS Detection Zone and after turn 3 is another straight in which you can activate the DRS. The big braking before turn 4 is one of the big opportunities to overtake as it is to the left. Turn 5 is again to the left and the next corners are the technical part of the circuit. Turn 6 and turn 7 are very close so if you enter bad into the first one, you’ll probably struggle in the second one. Turn 8 is to the right and it is a tricky braking zone. Then is turn 9, which is a very long turn to the left. As you can see, Interlagos is one of the circuits with the greater number of corners to the left. Turn 10 is to the right and it leads to turn 11 which is a wide turn to the left and we could see some overtakes as well. Turn 12 is the last slow corner of the lap. Turns 13, 14 and 15 are very quick corners and the three of them are to the left. Another fact about it is that between turns 14 and 15, starts the DRS zone and then, you will have finished your lap.

In summarize, the “autodromo Jose Carlos Pace” hast fifteen corners of which ten are to the left and only five to the right. The circuit length is of 4.309 km and the race distance is 305.909 km. During the race, there will be 71 laps (as in Mexico). Valtteri Bottas owns the lap record of 1:10.540, achieving it in 2018. So, who will win in Brazil? Will it be another Mercedes’ win? Who will get pole? All these questions will be answered this weekend during the 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix.

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