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Brazil GP | Drivers’ Press Conference

Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes), Sergio Pèrez (Racing Point), Robert Kubica (Williams), Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) and Romain Grosjean (Haas) talk about the new budget, the possibility to race in Rio next year and they remember Senna.

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Brazil GP | Drivers’ Press Conference
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Interlagos is not a common track. Here many championships have been won and lost and unbelievable battles were fought wheel to wheel.

The media are curious to know the drivers’ considerations of their own season so far.

Perez thinks he could have raced better on a good car but he is quite confident that next season will be better than this. Grosjean instead, looks quite disappointed because during the first tests Haas’ path was strong but on the first race they crashed and it was a “bad omen”.

Ricciardo affirms that the current season could have been better but he is learning how to exploit the car. Renault’s goal, according to the Australian, is to reach McLaren in the middle of the standings as the same team has shown an incredible improvement from one season to another.

Interlagos https://www.motorlat.com/notas/f1/13704/your-ultimate-guide-for-interlagos means Brazil, Brazil means… Ayrton Senna, obviously. All the drivers were asked to share their memory about him on the 25th anniversary from his death.

An unusually emotional Bottas spends many words in the act of giving the most well known driver in history a good tribute. The Finn says that even if time passes by so fast, Ayrton never will leave the memory of people. Every driver told the print the same thing: if Senna is still today a role-model is because the driver was not only talented but also a generous and good-hearted person.

The drivers were asked about new regulations too. How do they think that the budget cap is going to influence them? The general opinion was that it will bring many more teams in the sport and they would be happy to welcome them.

Another predictable yet important question is on how they would feel if next year they would have to race in Rio instead of Interlagos.

Ricciardo gave the audience his big smile and said he would feel enthusiastic as he had never been there before and he cannot wait to face a new challenge.

On Thursday’s Press Conference, tricky questions are a trend.

The main one in Brazil was up to Bottas

: Rosberg won in 2016 over Hamilton with a strong strategy and mental pressure. Would he do it as well?

The Mercedes driver had no doubt: “I am used to race on the track, not out of it. Nico had a very precise scheme, but I am not him. On the act of distracting Lewis I could distract myself too; so no, I would not do it. I prefer to be direct and not lose my focus.”

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