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Brazil GP | Teams’ Press Conference

Toyoharu TANABE (Honda), Otmar SZAFNAUER (Racing Point), Christian HORNER (Red Bull Racing), Frédéric VASSEUR (Alfa Romeo), Mario ISOLA (Pirelli) had lot of things to discuss on: the new Pirelli tyres, Giovinazzi’s confirmation and the reason why Gasly was replaced by Albon.

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Brazil GP | Teams’ Press Conference
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The press conference that took place in Interlagos was interesting to close some topics and to clarify them. Brazilian F1 practices were difficult to handle for both teams and drivers. Interlagos has revealed its peculiar characteristic and as usual the weather was rainy but not continuously to let the team handle it with a wet set-up. When asked about how F1 practises, everyone agreed by saying that it was a hard time but at least the teams have caught a bit of datas.

Frederic Vasseur finally confirmed Antonio Giovinazzi as the second Alfa Romeo driver for another season, leaving Hulkenberg’s chances to race in Formula 1 in 2020 near to zero. The boss said that Giovinazzi’s improvement in the second part of the season was the key, with the Italian matching Raikkonen in qualifying.

Christian Horner and Toyoharu Tanabe in the meantime claimed themselves content with Honda’s and Red Bull’s union.

The Red Bull team principal was happy with Honda’s performances as they only took a few races to bring back the Milton Keynes based team on the podium and the Japanese said that the datas were good too.

A central topic for the Press Conference were Pirelli’s tyres. When asked, Mario Isola claimed that Austin was not very reliable because they would have to raise up the tyres’ pressure but it would increase the heating. For what it concerns the new 18-inch tyres,https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwj8qcaSm-7lAhVM-aQKHV1mBFYQFjAAegQIABAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.motorlat.com%2Fnotas%2Ff1%2F13682%2Fmclaren-tried-out-pirelli-s-new-18-inch-tyres&usg=AOvVaw0mlDC2UohC92c8KSa-Y_Te McLaren let know that they were satisfied and Isola remarked that from the first test in September they gathered positive reactions and they would keep analysing the tests’ result in order to provide new tyres that could aim to amazing results.

What would be a press conference without talking about 2021’s regulations? The protagonist of Interlagos is the budget cap.

Otmar Sznaufer joked- “It will not change anything for us. We don’t have financial resources that could come close to it.”

The last topic is a curiosity: why Albon was re-confirmed and what is the main difference between him and Gasly?

Christian Horner took the occasion to clarify some things and congratulated to Albon for his determination and consistency in results. His tenacity brang him from the possibility to join Formula E to grab an opportunity to shine in the Major Formula. For what concerns Gasly, the Red Bull boss says it was because of pressure: -“Obviously we felt that with the pressure building on him, the public pressure, the media scrutiny, it was right to remove him from that and put him into the slightly less pressured environment of Toro Rosso. And since that switch I think he has driven again exceptionally well. You can see his confidence is growing. He’s driven some very strong races and his pace is getting better and better. He looks happier in that environment, which is good to see.”




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