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The price of hosting a GP: Sao Paulo offers to pay a “fee” to keep the Grand Prix in Interlagos

The city of Sao Paulo offers an amount of money to keep the Brazilian GP in Interlagos and avoiding a certain switch to Rio.

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The price of hosting a GP: Sao Paulo offers to pay a “fee” to keep the Grand Prix in Interlagos
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It is in the air since a few months. The Brazilian Grand Prix is about lo leave its historical place in Interlagos to go to Rio.

They already had the Olympic Games and a bigger amount of tourist and Sao Paulo is trying his best to keep this event for itself.

Although there is no contract sealed, this Brazilian switch seems already signed, but Sao Paulo does not give up and is willing to pay an amount of money.

Apparently, Interlagos contract do not include a “fee” that should have to be paid, dued to the historical collaboration between the city and Liberty Media, but with Rio de Janeiro coming closer to reach the goal, the Governor Joan Doria is ready to change this situation.

He said to the Italian newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport” - “This time the contract for 2020 will include the fee.”

Following up last weekend race, Doria, F1 CEO Chase Carey and the race promoter Tamas Rohonyi have met and settled a decisive meeting to listen the reasons why the Brazilian GP should not change hosting house and it is set in early December.

This deal is pretty ambitious and talks about keeping Formula 1 in Interlagos for another ten years- “For what it depends on the Prefecture, the State and us, F1 can stay here for another ten years. Part of the new deal will include the fee and we are going to change the name of the race. Our proposal is “GP Sao Paolo del Brazil”, a communication strategy to increase the number of tourists” – Doria declared.

For what is worth, drivers are already excited to visit a new place.  During last Press Conference Daniel Ricciardo expressed his joy to visit Rio, a place where he has never been. Early December is already here so the decision is close, and it’s up to Liberty Media.



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