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The most famous Formula 1 radio show is back with the sassiest radio communications: Formula 1 Radio is back! Guess who’s on top of our Hit Parade in Radio Sao Paolo  and who earned our Special Prize.

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Formula 1 Radio - Radio Sao Paolo
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Bem vindos senhoras e senhores to the newest edition of Formula 1 Radio. 

And radio check.
Charles Leclerc - “Radio check okay.” (FP1)

Yes, Charles, we’re here! 

And you’ll get 8 laps.”
Lewis Hamilton - “I can’t really hear that well.”
“Okay, copy, so 8 laps on these tyres
.” (FP2)

Okay, now we’re ready.

This time we’re in Brazil and we’re getting closer and closer to the end of this special championship of radio communications. 

But: who is going to win here in Sao Paolo? Let’s find out. 

The Brazilian Gran Prix has been really crazy from the start, and the rain helped to mix things a little bit. And to confuse the drivers. 

Alex Albon - “It’s gonna be sleek soon.”
“Okay copy.”
Alex Albon - “It’s not sleeks yet.”
“Okay but will be in 8 minutes time
Alex Albon - “Yes, I think so.” (FP1)

Robert Kubica  - “Can someone clean my mirror left, it’s full of water.” (Q1)

Please, it’s already difficult there in the Williams garage. 

Nico Hulkenberg - “There was some stand up block at the middle of pit exit, could feel the heat on my ass.” (FP3)

Nothing, I just needed to report this. 

You know, it’s not easy to deal with them after 19 race weekends. 

Dani we think it’s interns now so box.
Daniil Kvyat - “I just wanted one more lap for reference.”
“Dani I understand your comment but we don’t want to destroy the tyre, so we’re going out with interns on.”
Daniil Kvyat - “Okay.” (FP1)

Daniil Kvyat - “Yeah it’s stupid, but let’s try to warm up the tires one lap.”
“Copy you can warm up now, we have one push available
Daniil Kvyat - “For me it’s pointless…”
“Red flag
.” (FP1)

Daniil Kvyat - “My steering wheel is turning to the right on the straight line.”
“Copy, we’re having a look.
” (FP2)

If you wanna take one more clear from behind. 
Sebastian Vettel - “Yeah it was not a very tidy lap, but the first lap.. but I’m okay there, we focus on the long run, I know what I can do with these tyres, so don’t worry.” 
“Okay, understood.” (FP2)

Sebastian Vettel - “How was the pace?”
“Pace was good.”
Sebastian Vettel - “I didn’t feel good so.” (FP2)

Sebastian Vettel - “Okay I might take a break, tyres are quite cold.”
“Copy.” (FP2)

Yeah, it’s better. Your moment to shine in this radio will come, Seb. Don’t worry. 

Sebastian Vettel - “I think it might make senso to go for a double cool down, what do you think?”
“I’ll leave it to you, what do you think?

Sebastian Vettel - “Yeah double cool down.”
” (FP3)

Ans box now, we’ll test the front wing.”
Charles Leclerc - “Copy.” 
“Just to confirm, plus 4.”
Charles Leclerc - “Plus 4.”
“Understood, track is clear behind
.” (FP3)

Charles Leclerc - “Tell me when cars may overtake. Now they did, but next time try to remember.” (Race)

And Charles, your moment will come as well. Just wait. 

A lot of drivers decided to steal the attention, doing their own show. I know you missed the Haas boys in these last shows, so why don’t we start with them?

Sebastian Vettel - “Don’t know what Magnussen was doing.” (FP3)

Kevin Magnussen - “DRS didn’t work.”
“Okay, understood we’ll double check. I think it’s because you didn’t get the zone, so it’s okay for GX3, you can go multi GX3 and it’s okay the DRS didn’t work because it was an outlap, so it will be fine. Sorry ‘bout that
.” (FP3)

Romain Grosjean - “I’m not 100% happy with this throttle application.” (FP1)

Have you ever been happy, Romain? Guess we’ll find out soon. 

Look for Kvyat behind pushing.”
Romain Grosjean - “Yeah I am pushing, I am pushing.” (FP2)

There’s no need to scream like that!

Romain Grosjean - “Ok Perez just pushed me off the track.”
“We saw it, mate, we saw it.
” (FP3)

Romain Grosjean - “Yeah that was a weird snap. F*****k.” (FP3)

Oh, dirty words. We missed them. 

Romain Grosjean - “F**k, i picked up so much understeer, what happened? ***** ****** ***** ******!” (Q1)

And here’s how you master them. 

Romain Grosjean, master of the beeeeeeps.

Kevin Magnussen - “F**k. Idiot.” 
“Okay, we see some front left hand front wing damage, but no big aero effect at the moment.”(Race)

Oh, with the help of K-Mag, of course. 

Romain Grosjean - “Yeah, I’ve got massive issue on the engine. ********!” (Race)

Kevin P11, you gave it a good go. Very close man.”
Kevin Magnussen - “****** *****” (Checkered flag)

BUT: there has been a moment, during qualifying, when we know Romain was happy. 

Good things sometimes happen when you wait. 

You look pretty close at the start of the lap.
Romain Grosjean - “Yeah.. that’s the problem.” 
“Currently P8, we’re just watching for the others to finish. Confirm P8, P8, Raikkonen P9, Kevin P10. Good job, dude, awesome job.”
Romain Grosjean - “Uhuhuh, nice job everyone, very proud of you, getting two cars in Q3. That is a good job with what we got. very, very happy for all of you. How far from P7?”
“Two hundreds.”
Romain Grosjean - “Oh shut up.”
“And with the penalty from Leclerc we will P7 on the grid.
Romain Grosjean - “Perfect, good side of the road.” (Q3)

Ah, just one thing, Romain: points are given on Sunday.

Guess his answer: *********.

George Russell - “Ok, let’s just leave it where it is.” (Q1)

Agree, George, agree. 

Another leading artist during the weekend was Lewis Hamilton: here is just 1% of his radio communications, because it would’ve take an entire week to transcript them. 

Lewis Hamilton - “Downshift’s been very very poor.” (FP2)

Lewis Hamilton - “Valtteri was just sitting there.”
“Ok, copy Lewis.” (FP2)

Lewis Hamilton - “Tyres are really hot as well, mate, need to cool em down.” (Q1)

Lewis Hamilton - “Where is Valtteri? Position.”
“Valtteri is P6 at the moment, you’re P5, he’s a tenth behind you.” (Q1)

Lewis Hamilton - “My steering wheel has a bit play in it. A bit loose.” (Pre- race)

Lewis Hamilton - “Come on guys! Give me the information when my ***** battery’s dead. ****” (Race)

Lewis Hamilton - “I have an engine problem.” (Race)

Lewis Hamilton - “I think we’ve got the wrong tyres. Should’ve been on medium.” (Race)

Lewis Hamilton - “Wind is picking up.” (Race)

Lewis Hamilton - “These tyres are f***ed man.” (Race)

Lewis Hamilton - “What are you waiting for? I can’t get any closer than this.” (Race)

Lewis Hamilton - “I need more power.” (Race)

Lewis Hamilton - “Safety car needs to speed up man, jeez.” (Race)

Bono, admit it: you miss your time home, right? Keep up: there’s only another race, just one. You can do it. 

I. just. Warned. you. 

Charles Leclerc - “Oh, what was doing Sainz? We nearly crashed, man.” (FP3)

Oh, Carlos and Lando performed an entire show as well. 

Let’s start with the poor Lando. 

Lando Norris - “Is my throttle pedal sticking up? Just check the throttle, was I holding on it or something?”
“Okay understood. Ok Lando, might be something physical, everything look okay on the data.” (FP2)

Lando Norris - “The helmet’s got too much air coming through for some reason.”
“Okay, understood, we will box this lap.” (FP2)

Lando Norris - “Give me the other helmet, please, there’s still too much air coming in.” (FP2)

Lando Norris - “Why has it go red straight away? I thought we spoke about that, leaving it green.”
“Yeah understood.
” (FP3)

And Lando we are P11.
Lando Norris - “Yeah, I know. Sorry bout that. Didn’t get it together.” (Q2)

And he was even sadder after the race.

What you did with Carlos was massively helpful to Carlos’s result as well, and that’s noted from us all here. 
Lando Norris - “Yeah but I mean I don’t do it out of choice. I do it ‘cause I’m ******* slow! But it’s not your fault, I need to do better.”
“Mate, you are not ****** slow. The hard is just a really tough tyre.” (Checkered flag)

Thankfully Carlos did find a way to bring him to the podium and steal some champagne from the Mercedes garage. But the road to come to this point was very, very, long. 

Have you even seen the multiple memes about Sainz?

Well, Carlos Talks. Carlos Complains. Carlos Sings. Carlos does everything. 

Okay Carlos just open one more lap and then box at the end of next lap.
Carlos Sainz - “Why?”
“To preserve the tyres.
” (FP1)

Carlos Sainz - “I didn’t see the bridge light.”
“You can’t see the light or you just missed it?
Carlos Sainz - “Missed it.” (FP1)

Carlos Sainz - “I think I’m gonna cool down one lap and go and then go again. I’m learning a bit.”
“Okay don’t damage the tires too much Carlos, other cars are boxing for interns now.”
Carlos Sainz - “Copy, it’s my lap time competitive?”
“Yeah you’re P2 Carlos.” (FP1)

Carlos Sainz - “How are we in timing?”
“Carlos my feeling is this set up change isn’t an improvement. You currently P15 the only mediums runner, all the other cars are on softs. If you want to keep this then we can afford one more lap.”
Carlos Sainz - “I want to try something.”
“Okay copy, so one more lap, box if you’re not faster.
Carlos Sainz - “I feel like we’re very weak in turn 6 and 7, but I don’t know.” (FP3)

Until this happened. 

Carlos Sainz - “Something went.. something on the engine.”
“Okay, box if you can.
” (Q1)

Carlos hoped. Carlos drove. Carlos fought. Carlos overtook. 

I told you he does everything! 

Carlos Sainz - “Yeah, it’s gonna be difficult to pass.” (Race) 

Carlos Sainz - “Vamooos!”
“Okay, Carlos, scenario 8
.” (Race)

Carlos Sainz - “Guys I need maximum focus, I have some pace here, better pace than I thought.” (Race)

But to see how it ends, you’ll have to wait. 

The Brazilian GP has been glorious for the Honda powered teams, but things didn’t start easily for them. 

Max Verstappen - “Can we please look at these engine braking, it’s again happening now.” 
“Copy, stand by.” (FP2)

Pierre Gasly - “Engine problem.” (FP2)

Alex Albon - “Balance is quite strange.” (FP3)

Daniil Kvyat - “Oh this is impossible, with the brakes like this.” (FP3) 

 Until redemption weekend came for Max Verstappen. 

That’s it mate, you’ve done it. Every session.”
Max Verstappen - “Ahah, yes boys, that was really good, the car was on fire. And I hope that was a nice birthday present Christian.”
Christian Horner - “That was the best birthday present you could’ve give me, brilliant all three sessions, so yeah, thank you very much for that.”
Max Verstappen - “Ahah, no worries.” (Q3)

Leclerc wasn’t too happy about it. 

So Verstappen P1..
Charles Leclerc - “Yeah I saw I saw..”
Charles Leclerc - “It’s okay. Did Verstappen improved on his second timed lap?”
“Yes he improved, by 1 tenth."
Charles Leclerc - “F***k, the first timed lap was good.” (Q3)

So Verstappen did it again on Sunday.

Mate, that’s the race win, you absolutely bossed it. Magic today, fantastic."
Max Verstappen - “Ahah! We did it as a team guys, unbelievable. What a race, I absolutely loved it.” 
Christian Horner - “Redemption Max, absolute redemption for last year. Brilliant race.
Max Verstappen -“Exactly, and I think the way we fought for it made it even better. Ahah, thank you guys, great day.” (Checkered flag)

Your celebrations were podium worthy, Max, but someone else deserved those three spots. 

Let’s find out! 

On the lowest spot on the podium, a guy who deserved to be on the real one in Brazil, but unfortunately didn’t. 

Don’t worry Alex, it will happen soon. 

Alex Albon - “All he had to do was f***ing wait… three more corners."
“I know mate. Sorry.”
Alex Albon - “Aaaaargh!” (Race)

Mate, you did an excellent job today.”
Christian Horner - “Hard luck. Hard luck, Alex. That was robbed at the end there.
Alex Albon - “Aargh! Um...on to the next one I guess. Are you kidding me? To be honest I don’t know...I need to see it again. I don’t know.”
“Yeah mate, I know. It’s under investigation.”
Christian Horner - “Chin up, Alex! You drove a great race today.
Alex Albon - “No, no, no, no. aarghh! But thank you everyone. It would have been really good to...congratulations anyway. Well done to Max! And you still have a toro rosso in second so….it’s not too bad I guess.” (Checkered flag)

Second place for the only guy who really sings on this show.

Because he is a smooth operatooooor… smooooooth operatooooor.

“Yes! Great job mate! P4! Who thought it? I am a big fan of your work.”
Carlos Sainz - “Oh! Can’t believe it guys!”
“Scenario 1 mate, scenario 1. Unbelievable drive! P20 to P4!”
Carlos Sainz - “I cannot believe it. Simple as that. Woooah. What a drive. Thank you guys, perfect execution. Good risk reward, amazing. Thank you guys. What do you think? Do you think that was.. Smooth operator… smooth operator.”
“Ahah.. Smooth operator.”
Carlos Sainz - “I think that was the smoothest operation of my life.
“Ahaha! Yeah man, you sent them. Yeah boy, amazing afternoon, great job.” (Checkered flag)

And first place… to the one and only.. Pierre Gasly.

He already felt it at the end of qualifying.

P7, very good job.”
Pierre Gasly - “Yeees!! That is good! Really pleased.”
“Pierre focus, stay negative
Pierre Gasly - “Yeah, I know.. “
“We will start in P6 with Leclerc penalty.”
Pierre Gasly - “Yes! Evvai.. thanks for the car guys.” (Q3)

But nothing can compare that scream: we were in tears. 

Pierre Gasly - “Ooow waaa!”
“P2, P2”
Pierre Gasly - “Ooowaaaa!”
Pierre Gasly - “Wooowwaaahwaa! Wooowaaa! Grazie! GRAZIE!!
“Good job, Pierre!
Pierre Gasly - “Waaaaah! Yaaaah! Waaaaah! Incredible ha ha.”
“Unbelievable! What a day! You drove like a legend. Fantastic! Unreal.”
Pierre Gasly - “Oh my god! Oh my god! This is the best day of my life.”
“Oh man.”
Pierre Gasly - “Guys, thank you, thank you, thank you so much.”
Pierre Gasly - “Yeah amazing! You guys are amazing! Merci!” (Checkered flag)

You better listen to it to understand. 

And…. I know you are all wonder.. where are those two team radio? 


They’re not gone lost. We didn’t forget about them. How can we? 

They obviously earner our Special Prize: Honeslty, what are we doing here?

To Charles Leclerc - “And we’re going to Plan C.” (Race) 

You mean plan collision?

I guess so. 

Sebastian Vettel - “I’ve a puncture! What the hell is he doing? Sorry. Mein Gott! Muss das sein? So ein ****** aber auch! Nice job.” 
“Radio off.” (Race)

Charles Leclerc - “What the hell! Come on!” (Race)

We really lost all our words. 

Nico Hulkenberg - “Can you explain what happened during the race?”
“No comments right now, Nico. We’ll talk about it later
.” (Checkered flag)

We feel you, Nico. We feel you. 

Radio Sao Paolo is finally over, but don’t worry: there’s still Radio Abu Dhabi! 

Stick with us for the last show of the season!


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