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Steiner: “We could have been the best of the rest”

Haas’ boss talks about the flashes of speed of his team and says they could have been the best of the rest

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Steiner: “We could have been the best of the rest”
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Haas had a good start of the season in Melbourne but for the rest of the season, we have to call it “delusional”.

The car had been at the end of the standings throughout every race and had different problems even at finishing the race sometimes. Some important sponsors left the American team and there are some financial issues too.

If you look at 2019 this way, you cannot be content with it, and yet, its boss Steiner is still quite hopeful for the upcoming season.https://www.motorlat.com/notas/f1/13882/pirelli-preview-abu-dhabi-grand-prix

The boss said that during the Brazilian GP he did notice some flashes of speed that lighted up a dark period for Haas and that without those aero modifications and the pursuit of the right campaign, his team could have been “the best of the rest”

“We have nobody else to blame than ourselves. We didn’t face the problems adequately. We could have been in a good spot, the best of the rest”.

These thoughts are inevitable when you race with the original Melbourne-prepared aero pack during one of the last two races and you find out a great speed and some good reactions that came out unexpectedly, while the team you lead is slipped down to the ninth place in the Constructors’ Standings.

“The others did their best and they took care of any problem, they were right. They had the opportunity to improve, we did not. What our team lacked, is not the ability to go fast but the stability of the race.”

When looking back at the whole season, Steiner added – “We have to look at ourselves in the mirror and use this feeling to do better. The other teams were not good as us in the beginning but they overtook us. We have to learn and do the same.”

Now it's important for Haas to focus on the last race in Abu Dhabi, a last race that is going to feel like the first one of a brand new season.


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