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Kimi Raikkonen ready not to end the 2019 season as his last. “I wouldn’t have believed I’d still be in F1 at 40”

Iceman is determined to end up his first championship without the Red suit on a high. Some thoughts summing up the past, some others looking to the future

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Kimi Raikkonen ready not to end the 2019 season as his last. “I wouldn’t have believed I’d still be in F1 at 40”
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The Alfa Romeo driver is far from lacking down spirit and confidence before the last effort of his maiden return to the origins. Kicking the 40 years, the Finn is on a high before the Arabian night:

I am looking forward to the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi. The result in Brazil was a big confidence boost for everyone in the team and we want to build on that to finish the season well. Of course I am looking forward to some time off afterwards, but right now the focus is firmly on this weekend’s race: we know we can have a good result and we will give all we have to get it

But at the same time Kimi cannot refuse to look ahead; Robin and Rianna will be the pivot for the next years of him and Minttu. And for sure they are playing a big role into the dynamics of the Raikkonen family:

"My life has changed a lot because of the children" told to SpeedWeek.com "If I was still alone, it would certainly be different. The children are responsible for change in many ways. And not every day is beautiful, but that is part of life. It's a lot harder, but you have a different center of life. When our son sits in a kart, for example, I see many things, I know where the dangers lie. The kids do not think about it, they do not care, but you automatically start worrying".

Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are commenting on the previous race and the upcoming one.

Racing is still the focus of #7: for whom believed that Kimi wasn’t concerned about performances when leaving the Cavallino, this entire season proved them being wrong; and surprisingly, Kimi didn’t thought to get such a long time in F1: speaking to Yahoo SportI don’t think I would have believed someone if they’d told me back then I would still be racing in F1 at the age of 40” Raikkonen said “Obviously, at that time, it was all about simply trying to drive well and stay in F1. Nothing was guaranteed. Yes, I had a contract in 2001 for three years – two plus one – but it was such early days that the aim was to try to do well and see what happens, but even when I was 27 or 28 I wouldn’t have put any money on it”.

“Obviously, I left for a couple of years (in 2010 and ’11), and if I hadn’t have done that then I wouldn’t be here today because I was pretty fed up, not with the racing, but with the politics and other nonsense”.

Again to SpeedWeek.com "Sure, it takes a lot of time, and so it's a big part of my life, but it's just racing, it has never been the most important thing in my life".

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