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Abu Dhabi GP | The drivers about shrinking of the race weekend

At the traditional Thursday press conference drivers shared their opinion on three-days format of the race weekend. 

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Abu Dhabi GP | The drivers about shrinking of the race weekend
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As it’s known in 2021 Formula 1 will face a number of changes. The new regulations will affect almost all sides: sports, technical, financial, as well as change the format of the race weekend. The traditional 4 days of the Grand Prix will be reduced to 3. Friday will be the busiest day of the weekend: media sessions, PR-events, press conference, free practice session. There is a question - isn’t it too much to have so many activities in one day?

Obviously, the shrinking of the weekend will benefit the teams’ staffs, especially the mechanics, who have to arrive at each stage a few days before the start of the Grand Prix. With the three-days format they will have more time to spend it at home with their families.

As for the drivers, it seems that they are not afraid of high busyness and workload, and are ready to do everything in one day.

Kimi Raikkonen especially likes this idea, the driver would be happy to start this format next year, to stop wasting time.

"It [shrinking of the weekend] should happen next year already, I mean today's an absolutely useless day. I think it will be good step, better for all teams. Stop wasting time."

Carlos Sainz and Pierre Gasly supported the idea of a three-days format, but noted that this approach can be a preparation for the expansion of the calendar - up to 22-23 races in season, which on the contrary does not suit the drivers.

"I think this is a way of preparing for a bigger calendar, which is something I totally against of. I mean 22-21 races feel already too much. So, I think that the extra day that we will take off will fully compensated by 22-25 races," - Carlos Sainz said.

"I think everybody in this room is happy about it: more days at home, more days with a family. I agree with what Kimi said: it’s good for teams’ workers, mechanics. But after I joined the point of Carlos. If we increase the number of races as well, it’s never balanced. I think it’s good step for 21 races, but don’t increase the number of races too much," - Pierre Gasly agreed.

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