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Abu Dhabi | Daniel Ricciardo on his maiden season in Renault : “I didn’t expect it to be easy”

The Australian looks back at his first season in Renault and he stays positive.

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Abu Dhabi | Daniel Ricciardo on his maiden season in Renault : “I didn’t expect it to be easy”
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Daniel Ricciardo is one of those guys you can’t help to feel sympathy for. He is always smiling, always positive and he is a great driver too. He proved his worth back in Toro Rosso, then he raced for Red Bull for a lot of seasons outstanding a 4 Times World Champion like Sebastian Vettel.

And yet… And yet, he did not achieved those results you could expect from him. The arrival of the young fury Max Verstappen took away all the spotlights on the Australian, who began committing mistakes and who had many problems on his car.

Then he made such a bold move.

He left his comfy home in Milton Keynes and moved on, directed to Oxfordshire to have a fresh start.


Looking back at his maiden season, Ricciardo stays positive for the future.

Talking about the next season he says – “It will be a very long season, starting in February and ending in December. This season was too, I’m still there.”

The Australian comments his maiden season telling he didn’t expect it to be easy: “I don’t know what I expected but I do know what I hoped for. This season should have had more highs like in Monza and there were many lows too.”

“I wouldn’t call it “disheartening” though” – the Renault driver added. Daniel Ricciardo proves again how brave and positive he is. In fact, he has a strong mindset he can count on and sees this season as “inspirational” and moreover he has an endless talent he can count on.

2020 is getting closer and we can’t already wait for it to be there.

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