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Hamilton would “welcome” Alonso back in 2021

Hamilton and Verstappen share their thoughts on Alonso’s potential comeback to F1 in 2021. 

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Hamilton would “welcome” Alonso back in 2021
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Fernando Alonso revealed that he is “going to keep the door open for 2021”, as he believes that the regulation change will mix things up and open up interesting scenarios. As he prepares for Dakar 2020 and keeps a close look on IndyCar, thw two-time world champion wishes to maintain a link to F1 for a potential comeback in case a favourable situation surfaces.
Asked about having Alonso back in 2021, Lewis Hamilton said he would “welcome” his return, despite the fact that in two years’ time more youngsters are expected to be promoted and make their ways to F1.

“I’d be more just happy that I won’t be the oldest here! -he joked- So welcome an older dude, he can come along. Fernando’s obviously a well-accomplished driver. It’s interesting to see in the past, obviously, with drivers wanting to come back, like Michael, and it’s something you’ve done your whole life so… I haven’t spoken to Fernando so I don’t know how he’s been feeling or how much he’s missed it, but I don’t think it would be bad for the sport.”

Even though Alonso already had his shot in F1, Hamilton reiterated that if any current drivers are due to be replaced and there are no younger options on the plate, the Spaniard might be the right fit.

“Ultimately, there’s a lot of young kids on their way up and there’s only 20 seats, so he has also had his period of time there, but if there’s no other good youngsters coming through then… there definitely is space for some that are currently here that probably could be replaced. So I would welcome it.”

The topic later triggered an entertaining interaction between Verstappen and Hamilton, with the Briton claiming that the Red Bull driver had already commented on the matter.

Verstappen: Yeah, absolutely, I mean Fernando’s a great driver but you should only come back…
Hamilton: You said something about him coming back.
Verstappen: Me?
Hamilton: Yeah. You said that… come back… with me.
Verstappen: Is that so?
Hamilton. You know, in my first season.
Verstappen: You were equal on points, wasn’t it?
Hamilton: In my first season.
Verstappen: Yeah, that’s right. You did a great job. No, but he’s a great driver, I think you can agree on that, right?
Hamilton: Of course.
Verstappen: And it would be good to see him… if he could come back but only in a competitive car otherwise I think it’s just a waste of time for him. But I think he knows that himself so…

Verstappen had already shared his thoughts on a potential comeback from Alonso earlier this season. The Dutchman enforced the message that if the Spaniard does not come up with a convenient deal, then his comeback would not be worth the effort.

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