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Sebastian Vettel on rumours : "I am not retiring”

The German driver mocks the rumours who gave him retired.

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Sebastian Vettel on rumours : "I am not retiring”
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Rumours has it that Sebastian Vettel will not take part at the next season in Formula 1.

The voices claimed he was sad in Abu Dhabi, almost nostalgic, like this was going to be his last race and he could not share it. We already know the Ferrari driver as a very private person, for example, he never shared any news about his new born son and he married his long term girlfriend in secret, but this is different.

To give some credit to these rumours, Mattia Binotto just flattered Lewis Hamilton and rumour has it once again, the British would be thinking to join Ferrari.

This news would be a succulent start for 2021 season but there is a particular, which deserves all the attention: Sebastian Vettel is NOT retiring.https://www.motorlat.com/notas/f1/14010/vettel-concedes-he-could-have-done-better-in-2019

Facing a difficult season of underperformances, he may feel under pressure and demotivated but he has no intention to go home. Yet, he mocks the rumour in a talk with the journalists - “What will I do on vacation? Standing to what I have heard, I’m on vacation the next whole year too! I haven’t thought about retiring but you journalists know it all, so maybe I’ll be informed on something very soon”

The tetra-champion spread some words on Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari – “ I think he is a Ferrari driver. What? He’s not? So no change here. But on the road he he is a good customer, he own more than one”.

Listening to Vettel sounding so sure and humoristic is a great relief. This season was a disappointment in many ways, with him teamed up with the rising star Charles Leclerc, who outshined him not in performances but in attitude, gaining more and more strength by not staying at his second driver place but acting like the first driver was himself.

Remembering what Enzo Ferrari was used to say “every child make you lose one second”, we have to hope that the German has filled his family and he has done with babies addiction.

Jokes apart, Sebastian Vettel is a man made of iron, we always expect him to blossom again in the wreckless winning machine he was in Red Bull and he is not done yet.



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