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Why Hamilton would be an hazard for Ferrari

An analysis on how Ferrari would have to face the same situations by hiring Hamilton

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Why Hamilton would be an hazard for Ferrari
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It is on everybody’s mouth since years ago. Lewis Hamilton is likely going to Ferrari. Obviously, these are only rumours, just dreams – or nightmares, in some cases - but everybody feels this solution coming closer.


Let’s start from the beginning. Why should Lewis Hamilton leave a winning team like Mercedes to go to Ferrari, the eternal second-placed?

It sounds a non-sense to think that a champion, and a winner, like him could even imagine to leave the Brackley based team, considering that it allowed him to win 5 out of 6 World Championships.

Mercedes outshined the rivals back in 2014, when the new regulations about the turbo engine were out and it was so strong and bright in understanding the new rules that it maintained its advantage through the years.

Why should Hamilton want to leave then?

The British Campion is a competition animal: Ferrari has more money to invest on the development and he has already conquered all he could dream for, moreover winning in two different teams would almost be a consecration for him.

We cannot be sure that this move would be right, though.

Ferrari is already living a hard situation by leading two drivers with strong personalities.

Who would be Hamilton’s teammate in 2021?

It is almost a rhetorical question, as it would be Leclerc. But the Monegasque would have another year of experience to add, and he has already showed that he cannot stand to a second driver place.

We all know that the British does not like to have competitive teammates, to talk about recent history, let’s think about him and Alonso in McLaren and him and Nico Rosberg in Mercedes.

Moreover, cage it is rarely a good idea in Formula 1 having two lions in the same. Maybe a situation with Hamilton and Leclerc in Ferrari would bring a heavy hair in a team who needs focus to go back to its golden days. This line-up would force Ferrari to have to face a keen rivalry between its two drivers, and let’s talk frankly about it, by now the Pranking Horse is not dealing with it very well.

In other words, Lewis Hamilton in Ferrari in 2021? Of course, it would be plausible but not likely.

Only time will answer.


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