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Red Bull on fuel’s “grey zones”: “We have trust in FIA to clarify them”

Christian Horner is trustworthy that FIA will make new and efficient regulations on the fuel situation.

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Red Bull on fuel’s “grey zones”: “We have trust in FIA to clarify them”
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FIA is living a hard moment about regulations. Aside of the brand new 2021 regulation book, it is giving much attention to the fuel topic. Recently, right before Abu Dhabi, in fact, Charles Leclerc was judged to be “illegal” on this area and Ferrari has paid a fine of 50.000 euros.

Red Bull was the responsible for this newfound attention to fuel. On October 22th their chief engineer, Paul Monaghan sent FIA a letter.

In this letter, he was asking for some indications to allow the teams to exploit their cars without violating the regulations. It was a checklist of the technical directives that were given to all the teams.  The reason why Monaghan focused on this topic is to close all the loopholes that could generate some misinterpretations and an unequal treatment between them.

“We trust FIA. They will make clear any grey zone – said Christian Horner- It is important indeed to make sure that regulations can be interpreted in a standard way.”

The Red Bull team principal said it was important to alert the teams on FIA’s holes in a perfectly clear rulebook: - “We are confident that FIA do whatever it can to be clear and equal to everyone. The mechanism of regulations is very complex itself and it needs a one and only way to read it.”

“Of course there will always be a grey zone, an element that was not perfectly clarified but it is normal. Their resource is limited and they are using all of it to ensure the neutrality on the playing field, without helping or penalising anyone of the players.”

Horner talks about the new season and sets a goal: clarity.

“The most important thing to reach through the winter is clarity. By doing this, the concern about technical directives and the changes of regulations will be lighter. At least, this is what I hope.”



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