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FIA unveils the decisions taken during the World Motor Sport Council

The 2019 Annual General Assembly was held today in Paris, reunited the fourth meeting of the year. Here the main decisions approved

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FIA unveils the decisions taken during the World Motor Sport Council
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The countdown to the 2020 season has officially started: as both the sporting and the technical regulations has been published, the Circus will be yet at work in finding solutions for coping with the new set of challenges.

The first change is likely to have been decided due to the last rumours and mourns around a possible Ferrari’s advantage in the fuel area: the article 19.8.2 specifically stress that “fuel density will […] be checked and must be within 0.25% of the figure noted during pre-approval analysis of the fuel that is declared to be in use”; all the chapter related to the evaluation of the conformity of the fuel points towards the direction of a better management of the fuel samples, as even the following articles regulate that “Fuel samples taken during an Event will be checked for conformity […] which will compare the sample taken with an a reference sample of the fuel that is declared to be in use” and “if […] incidental mixing with another Formula One fuel to the one declared, but which has been approved by the FIA for use by the team, the fuel sample will be deemed to comply, provided that the adulterant fuel is present at no more than 10% in the sample. Any systematic abuse of mixed fuels will be deemed not to comply”.

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Another main topic was the chequered flag ‘physically’ reinstalled into the finish procedure system: article 43.1 now declares that “a chequered flag will be the end-of-race signal and will be shown at the Line as soon as the leading car has covered the full race distance”. All the possible errors/mistakes when failing the correct use of such procedure remains the same.

The last main work that the Assembly approved, has been the ban of the cars’ covers during testing, for enhancing the appeal of such events to the public: to the article 10.5, has been added that ”[…] between 09:00 and 18:00 of each day, the provisions of Article 21.4 will apply”; in fact, article 21.4 already regulated that “during the entire Event, no screen, cover or other obstruction which in any way obscures any part of a car will be allowed at any time in the paddock, garages, pit lane or grid, unless it is clear any such covers are needed solely for mechanical reasons”.

(the changes made to both regulations are highlighted)

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