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Hiding the cars during the tests will not be permitted from next season

Putting panels in front of the cars in order to cover them or hide them will not be permitted from next season.

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Hiding the cars during the tests will not be permitted from next season
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As you may know, last Wednesday was held the meeting of the World Motor Sport Council. This meeting was at the FIA main offices in Paris. This event was maybe the last chance to change some things ahead of the Formula One 2020 season. The FIA announced the changes they made, some of them are already published but, if you haven’t read them, click on the next link so you can stay informed on these changes: https://www.motorlat.com/notas/f1/14060/fia-unveils-the-decisions-taken-during-the-world-motor-sport-council

In this article, we’re going to talk about one particular change that we weren’t aware. If you have watched the preseason tests in Barcelona, you may have seen some screens or panels that cover the cars so the media and TV can’t show their cars while being repaired. As I said, this normally happens when a driver crashes his car and it needs to be repaired as quick as possible, so they are able to run once again.

Nowadays, the F1 regulations say that the teams need to keep their cars in sight during all the Grand Prix, well the FIA announced that this rule will apply on the tests as well. Why? Because it is in order to make these events more attractive to both media and the fans.

“No panel, cover or other obstruction that hides any part of a car will be allowed at any time in the paddock, boxes, pitlane or grid, unless it is clear that it’s necessary for mechanical reasons”. These were the exact words that the FIA told after announcing this new rule.

Even though it is a very precise rule, the FIA also added the following information: “It is strictly prohibited to: Hide the engine, gearbox or radiator while the engines are changed or moved through the box; cover the front wings when they are not used and are placed in the pitlane; part such as extra floors, fuel platforms or tool cars cannot be used as an obstruction.”

I agree that it will be more entertaining while we see how the teams repair their cars. If you see this new rule in media’s and spectators’ eyes, then it is a good change, but if you see it in a team’s perspective, you will have a lot of eyes watching you and that means more pressure. Let’s see if this new change is ok.

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