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Hamilton: 'It's been the best year I've ever had in my career.'

Lewis Hamilton attended the Annual FIA Prize Giving and shared his thoughts on his season.

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Hamilton: 'It's been the best year I've ever had in my career.'
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This week saw the annual celebration of the FIA prize giving ceremony. Victories were celebrated and lives of recently departed figures of motorsport were honoured and remembered. Lewis Hamilton was in attendance to collect the official trophy cementing in the history books his place as a 6-time F1 World Champion.

2019 was the season in which Lewis Hamilton equaled his 2018 achievement of 11 grand prix victories. Beyond this though, the popular Brit broke yet another world record by achieving 413 points in a season and doing so by scoring points at every Grand Prix. Obviously, the history books will show that point scoring has changed over the years due to 25 points now being allocated for a victory in the modern era of F1. However, one thing is clear to see and that is that Lewis Hamilton is at the top of his game - as he told fia.com:

“It’s been the best year I’ve ever had in my career. I’m really proud of what we’ve achieved as a team. To come into a sixth year, to have fought for a world title at the front and sustained the performance we have collectively I think has been amazing. And on the driver front, I’m definitely very happy with my performance this year. There’s been lots of great races, the last few years have been intense with Ferrari, but having another team up there in the loop has made it more challenging for all us.”

Such words reaffirm how much enjoyment the current champion is having in F1, how physically fit he feels and how unlikely he is to hang up his racing overalls any time soon.


Lewis Hamilton’s AND Valtteri Bottas’ performances allowed Mercedes to continue to make their own chapters in history seeing how the combined points total of each driver meant a sixth consecutive Manufacturer’s Title. Many people found much amusement at the performance of the German giant of motorsport at this season’s 2019 German GP which featured retro outfits back to a golden age era, a calamitous pitstop and Bottas crashing into the heavily branded advertising hoarding but…once again…Mercedes had the final laugh and Toto Wolff shared after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix how this came about:

“From a performance standpoint, I would put it into three parts. The first one, we really did well at the beginning, we were really competitive. Then after the summer, not. Then we kind of recovered and didn’t drop the ball, and our competition did, and this was what made us win the championship.”

Mercedes show time and again that they are not flawless and are beatable. However, their rivals have not yet shown they know how to capitalize on such mistakes. Obviously, the Red Bull Honda engine is very promising and Scuderia Ferrari were the fastest car on the 2019 grid. Once again though, the main Drivers’ title came the way of the record breaking Brit and you can be sure Lewis Hamilton is eager to claim more than 11 victories in 2020 and make even more history by doing so.

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