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Abiteboul: “It’s exhasperating to keep that stupid Q2 rule”

Renault’s Team Principal feels exhasperated. His collegues refused to abolish the rule about Q2 segment to set the race’s tyres.

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Abiteboul: “It’s exhasperating to keep that stupid Q2 rule”
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was the only team that was in favour to change a well-consolidated rule in F1. The set of tyres that is chosen during the second round of Qualifying goes to start the race.

Cyril Abiteboul looks at this rule as a non-sense and feels it is time to change that.

To say the truth, this regulation was already under discussion, as all the teams have faced different troubles during the season. The teams made it to the last round of qualifying – and to the race- on medium tyres that were in some cases necessary to step up at the next level. However, they had to do it in order to try to get the best positions on the grid and they penalised their race.


A plan to drop the Q2 rule was officially made by the F1 Strategy Group but all the teams rejected it.

Cyril Abiteboul was the only one that voted “yes” and he feels frustrated - “Again we saw a demonstration of that silly regulation of having to start on the soft tyres, which gives such an advantage to the guys behind," – said the boss.

He remembers that the decision to promote the vote to abolish it was born by all the teams plus F1 Strategy Group and he feels so disappointed that at the right moment to effect the change, they all withdrew.

Abiteboul claims sure that the Q2 abolition would have opened a wide new battle and the three top teams are against it. -  “There was a lobby from the top teams and their junior teams to stop a change, because it’s a regulation that was engineered by the top teams to protect them. I don’t think they need it, but it’s an extra protection.”


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