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F1 teams unanimously voted to keep 2019 Pirelli tyre spec for next year

The FIA, Pirelli and F1 teams have reached the decision to choose the 2019 spec over the 2020, which has received a great deal of negative feedback throughout this year's testing sessions.

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F1 teams unanimously voted to keep 2019 Pirelli tyre spec for next year
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F1 teams unanimously voted against adopting the 2020 Pirelli tyres, which were last tested in Abu Dhabi one week ago. The 2019 specification will be therefore used next season, after Pirelli, the FIA and teams ‘took into account several different factors’ in making such decision.

The 2020 tyre spec received an overall negative feedback throughout this year’s testing sessions, which would inevitably cause some backlash over the design of 2020 cars. Romain Grosjean was extremely vocal over the matter, by stating that the 2020 tyres still were “not what you would dream of” and although he could detect some positives, the requests of combining lower degradation, less overheating and a wider working range were not satisfied completely.

By reaching the decision of keeping the 2019 tyres, teams will no longer need to adapt their car designs to an all-new tyre spec, which will also allow them to proceed with developmental plans.

Using a well-known product is going to benefit teams, as the product has already been tested out and used throughout the entire 2019 season, meaning that most of the data have already been gathered.

“The new solutions for the 2020 construction tyres tested last week in Abu Dhabi, which Pirelli will continue to develop further for the 18-inch era from 2021, allow lower tyre pressures than those used at the moment to be run. As a result, they are able to compensate for the increased performance expected from the next generation of cars” reads the press release, adding that 2021-tyre testing will be carried on next February at Jerez.

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