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Will the WADA's decision affect the Russian stage of Formula 1?

All parties related to the WADA sanctions against Russia commented on the future of the Russian Grand Prix.

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Will the WADA's decision affect the Russian stage of Formula 1?
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The world anti-doping agency (WADA) has again announced sanctions against the Russia. The main decision sounds like "Russia is excluded from participation in major international events for 4 years, and also to deprive it of the right to hold major international competitions on the territory of the country", what directly points that theoretically the Russian Grand Prix is under the threat.

According to the promoters of the Russian Grand Prix "ROSGONKI", the race will be held in Sochi next year.

The official statement of the organizers of the Russian Grand Prix says that "the contract on carrying out of the Russian stage of the Formula 1 World championship was signed in 2010 long before the investigations by WADA. It is valid until 2025, and the Russian stage is included in the FIA calendar for 2020."


The WADA statement says that "the organizers of sports tournaments are obliged to cancel already scheduled tournaments in Russia – but only if it's possible to do legally or practically." This condition could allow the Russian Grand Prix to remain on the Formula 1 calendar until the contract expires in 2025.

There is also another point in Russian Automobile Federation (RAF), that gives a confidence in the preservation of the Formula 1 stage in Russia. The FIA isn't an organizer of major sporting events, as defined in the ISCCS and WADA code. So, the WADA's decision cannot affect the holding of the World Cups, European Championships and other international series in Russia, as they aren't major events, which are referred to in the decision.

At the moment, both sides – WADA and FIA – closely monitor the situation and any changes.

"Conscious of RUSADA’s right to dispute this decision under WADA's compliance code, the FIA in cooperation with its shall continue to closely follow all material developments in this matter while taking into account any possible legal and practical consequences which these may have," – the FIA representative said.

The WADA's decision also contains information on Russian athletes: "…also to ban Russian athletes from participating in the World championships. Those athletes who can prove that they have nothing with doping, will be able to compete under a neutral flag." (as it was at the winter Olympics’18 in Pyeongchang)


The FIA has been cooperating with WADA since 2010, coordinating with the organization and admitting the existing list of banned drugs. Therefore, the FIA – again only in theory – can disqualify Daniil Kvyat and other Russian drivers in other racing series, but only if the doping test is positive. In this case, the rules allow for disqualification for up to four years, cancellation of results and a monetary penalty. 

As for the neutral flag, this option is unlikely and even impossible in Motorsport. Since in fact the driver represents not a flag, but a member-organization of the FIA, which issued a license to participate. Based on which a neutral flag means a neutral license, which is impossible.

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