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“Oh, let’s go back to the start”: Grosjean’s weakness

The Frenchman admits he has to work a lot on one weak point on his racing for a better 2020.

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“Oh, let’s go back to the start”: Grosjean’s weakness
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“Oh, let’s go back to the start” sings Chris Martin in “The Scientist”. This is exactly what Romain Grosjean is planning to do to have a better season.

2019 has been one of his darkest seasons. He was always racing in the middle-low standings, isolated from the places he used to be and without giving a hint of his potentialities.

“Start” is in fact the keyword of both the past and the next season.

For F1 fans, Romain Grosjean is always the one who crashes and puts some adventure in races but he does because he is a passionate driver with so much talent and a sparkly personality, which usually puts him into troubles.

He was not himself this year, and he has to come back stronger.

Of course, his car did not help him at all, as talking about starts, the U.S. team had started the 2019 season really well in Australia just to spend the rest of it with troubles of all sorts: car’s problems, financial struggles with important sponsors getting away and so on. https://www.motorlat.com/notas/f1/13886/steiner-we-could-have-been-the-best-of-the-rest

Yet, Grosjean is ready to start again by working hardly on the way he starts the race, which caused him a cumbersome situation in almost every race, with his teammates outshining him very often.

His boss Gunther Steiner says about him- “Romain has said in the debrief that the guys need to work with him, because he just cannot handle the start. Kevin, on the other hand, is good at it”.

The Frenchman is going to work on the start with his engineers throughout the winter to fix this problem - “I think I need to improve my starts as that's really being a weakness of mine this year against Kevin, I have to fix the gap”.

Romain Grosjean is fully capable to do that as he has already raised as a phoenix after some horrible seasons in Lotus and he will do it again in 2020 through his commitment and brave personality.

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