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Ferrari hurries up to unveil its 2020 car

The Pranking Horse is going to be the first to reveal the new car of 2020 .

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Ferrari hurries up to unveil its 2020 car
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 It is never too early to start working at the new season. Ferrari knows it, because it is paying a delay in understanding the turbo rules since 2014.

Mercedes was much faster in the interpretation and in the making of a new car and this is what contributed to let them begin their empire. Six years ahead and counting, with a couple of teams like Red Bull and Ferrari itself chasing the German team without grabbing it.


The Italian team is trying to be faster in the unveiling of the car, in relation to the other competitors on the track, but also in organizing their new car.

We already know that the drivers’ line-up is already well defined, with Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc ready to battle once again in the next year and this means that Ferrari is almost complete to start racing in 2020. They just have to set the final design and the homologation of their brand new creature.

The reveal of one of the most interesting teams in Formula 1 will be on February 11th, with 8 days missing to the start of tests. The Prancing Horse’s Team Principal Mattia Binotto said that he believes they will be the first to unveil their 2020 model.

They were already fast in the presentation in 2019, by making the exit on February 15th but they were second - Toro Rosso had presented its car on February 11th.

“The reason why we are anticipating the launch and the unveiling, and then moving on, is we must see some dyno homologations before going to Barcelona.”- Binotto explains – “so we are going to launch the car on that date because we have so much work to do. Soon after we have an intense bench programme before send the car in the testing”.



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