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Daniel Ricciardo: “I’ve taught bad words to my 3 year old nephew and he keeps saying them”

During the latest episode of Beyond The Grid, Daniel Ricciardo has also talked about the importance of having close family and friends, and his hilarious relationship with his nephew.

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Daniel Ricciardo: “I’ve taught bad words to my 3 year old nephew and he keeps saying them”
Fuente imagen: Via Instagram, @DanielRicciardo

“I’m a good uncle” starts off Daniel Ricciardo, but everything said afterwards doesn’t properly follow suit.
Daniel’s sister Michelle is mother of two little kids, aged three and one. The Honey Badger loves them and got along really well in particular with the older one: He’s me. So many things I see already: he’s cheeky, he loves cars and bikes... he’s gonna be trouble!


We saw the young boy many times on Ricciardo’s Instagram: travelling to Disneyland with Daniel, falling to the ground while playing to the laugh of the self-called ‘good uncle’... but now the Renault driver has revealed a new story.

It goes back to the Christmas dinner of 2018. Loving his family, Daniel shared the meal with all the relatives and, at some point, he put twenty dollars on the table. “My cash” clarified the three year old grabbing them. “No it’s mine” replied the Honey Badger.
“<<Do you know what it’s called? -tells Ricciardo- “That’s called ‘cash money’. Say ‘cash money b*tches’>>  and now all he says is ‘cash money b*itches’. Daniel just managed to finish the sentence before bursting into laughter.

“And what the sister Michelle make of all of this?” asked the interviewer, “At first –says Daniel- it was all fun and games, but now he’s gonna go to school soon, we gotta stop him saying this.”


For those interested in listening to the whole hilarious interview, the link to the podcast’s episode will be provided down below.


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