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Is it possible to see Toto and Hamilton together in Ferrari someday?

Nothing is impossible in the world of motorsport to hear very surprising news, all this comes after months of speculation surrounding Hamilton...

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Is it possible to see Toto and Hamilton together in Ferrari someday?
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Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton, two names related to each other lately. and the question here is, will Hamilton move to the prancing horse team someday in his life?

Ferrari is the dream team for every driver since Formula One race has counted towards an official FIA World Championship in 1950. Who doesn't have a dream to be a part of the Italian outfit? Even for those who haven't get the chance to be a part of Ferrari as an official driver, at least they are pleased and honored for being a development or a simulator driver.

However, former team owner Eddie Jordan believes F1 and fans should prepare for a piece of thunderbolt news next year with six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff “absolutely certain” to move to Ferrari. All this comes after months of speculation surrounding Hamilton and a move to the Maranello-based outfit, which he has yet to deny.

Italian media have reported Hamilton twice met Elkann this year, triggering speculation that the 34-year-old Briton could move to Ferrari once his Mercedes contract expires at the end of 2020. 

According to chief executive Louis Camilleri.

"I think it has been public that Lewis has had conversations with our chairman," Camilleri told reporters invited to a lunch at the Italian team's Maranello factory.

"It was a social event, which has sort of been blown somewhat out of proportion, but it was a social event. They have some common friends."

What we believe is that Ferrari had not confirmed the meetings previously, while not denying them either although Camilleri thinks that was a little exaggerated as it was at a social event no more than that.

“The fact is we have a long-term agreement with one driver and with the other driver the agreement expires at the end of 2020,” Camilleri means Vettel here. 

“We clearly are very flattered that Lewis in particular, and other drivers want to come and join us, but it would be premature to decide anything today. It would be premature to decide anything now for the future,” he added.

So, what is Jordan's statement about Lewis moving to Ferrari: 

Eddie Jordan believes 2021 is the “right time for Lewis to go to Ferrari”.

“The real belief that I think Lewis will go to Ferrari in 2021 is that Toto Wolff’s contract expires at the end of next year,” Jordan said.

“He knows Mercedes’ long-term future in Formula 1 is not a certainty.

“Indeed, Lewis has mentioned Toto’s contract on more than one occasion, which is unusual for an F1 driver to do.

“Lewis would only go to Ferrari if someone could protect him against any possibility that Charles Leclerc could usurp him. So Ferrari would bring Toto along too.

“But what they don’t have is that person on the pit wall to guide the team, in terms of how they structure the race strategy. Toto knows that. Racing is in his blood, and he’d love to have a name like Ferrari on his CV too.

“I’m absolutely certain that in 2021, Lewis Hamilton will move to Ferrari. Toto goes with him because as I said, Lewis won’t leave himself exposed, and it will be his way of bringing an equalizer. Do Ferrari need two number ones? No, but they won’t let go of (Charles) Leclerc.”

Leclerc to come a number two behind a word champion could be a tough decision but it would be a great proving ground for the Monegasque as Jordan believes. 

Jordan also said that there would be a huge swap between Ferrari's Vettel and Mercedes' Hamilton.

“Vettel will retire at the end of 2020. He can’t go back to Red Bull because he’d get creamed by Max Verstappen,” Jordan said.

“However, if Mercedes did decide to stay on in F1, it might work for Vettel to go there; a consolation prize for losing Lewis.”

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