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From the bottom to the top: Alexander Albon’s rookie season.

Alexander Albon talks about his rookie season: -“I still have to believe I am a Red Bull driver”.

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From the bottom to the top: Alexander Albon’s rookie season.
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After many years spent on watching the same faces racing in Formula 1, in 2019 the generational switch finally happened: many young drivers came from the junior formulas and made it into Formula One.

This caused a thrilling start with many unpredictable actions while racing. 2019 revealed as a new start, an important way to move on toward the future to see who it might be the next World Champion in this sport.

The driver who impressed the most for his qualities and strong focus has been without any doubt Alexander Albon.


The Thai-British driver started his first season in Formula One racing with Toro Rosso and when Pierre Gasly  began to commit some mistakes due to the strong pressure holding on his shoulders, Red Bull strategist Helmut Marko decided to give Albon a chance.

Ever since the day he passed to the “A Team”, the driver showed up all his potentialities by bringing home very good results throughout the rest of the season.

Instead of suffering the pressure, he looked very confident and motivated by that and showed to his bosses and to the rest of the world his own worth.  It wasn’t easy to impress with a strong teammate as Max Verstappen.

Looking back at his season, the Red Bull driver affirmed – “I am not really aware of being a Red Bull driver, really. It’s like you’re floating throughout the season.”

“It is a good thing, to say the truth. This makes you resist the pressure and it makes you racing like you normally do. I will have time to do that, though. I will think about it during the winter pause, I’ll have plenty of time for myself to reflect about it.”

Albon reflects on the situation and talks about his results: - “ I do almost make myself aware of what has happened. It is amazing to be in a top team on your first year in Formula 1, only Lewis had the chance to do that back in 2008, more than ten years ago.”

In the new season, the Londoner will confirm his right to be there and it will be interesting to see what results he will bring to Red Bull. In the meanwhile, he had already received another prize, the “Rookie Of the Year Award.”


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