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Red Bull Racing and their polemic 2019 season

Red Bull started with Pierre Gasly but then Alex Albon came in front of him, what caused that?

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Red Bull Racing and their polemic 2019 season
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Red Bull had a very polemic season. Why? Because, as we know, Pierre Gasly started the 2019 season with the Austrian team but the Frenchman disappointed his new team and he was demoted back to Toro Rosso and Red Bull decided to promote Alexander Albon in his rookie year to the senior team. Some people think that Pierre should have stayed a whole season with Red Bull. Others think that it was a good decision to demote Pierre but Red Bull should have promoted Daniil Kvyat once again. But some others think that everything was a good decision.

The first variable that could had happened was that Red Bull would had kept Pierre for the whole 2019 season. Some people think that it was a very tough decision from RB. It obviously affected Pierre’s confidence but RB said that they demoted him because he was being in a lot of pressure thanks to the media, fans and even the team because he wasn’t giving the results RB told him to deliver. If that had happened, maybe Pierre’s confidence would had been completely destroyed and it would had been very difficult to rebuild it.

The second variable was to demote Gasly back to Toro Rosso and promote Daniil Kvyat. The main reason of this would had been that Daniil Kvyat has more experience than Alex so maybe he would had been more familiar with the car and even with the team because the Russian driver has already been in the Austrian team. The reason Red Bull gave to explain why they didn’t do that was that Daniil had already his opportunity to be in the senior team but he was demoted back in 2016 (after Max was promoted) so it was Alex’s chance to be with them.

As we know, the Red Bull Junior team is very tough for the young drivers but if they deliver results, just as Max has been doing, Red Bull will stay and support you in your whole career. Will Alex achieve his first podium next season? Will Pierre bounce back next season and will he be promoted once again?

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