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Vettel’s 2019 bittersweet memories: Canada’s “stolen” victory

The Ferrari driver still feels robbed by his victory in Canada

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Vettel’s 2019 bittersweet memories: Canada’s “stolen” victory
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2019 season is over and with the new season approaching it is time to close up all the bad memories and just move on.


The winter break this year is even shorter, as there are many races in 2020 and the factories will be working non-stop to be ready to compete and try to be the best.

There are some things that are not forgotten yet. We are talking about some bittersweet memories that have now turned into regrets.

One of them is obviously the so-called “stolen victory” of Sebastian Vettel in Canada.

The German driver overcame a super low period of frustrating results by earning a victory during the Canadian Grand Prix. It was so wanted and so deserved and it was the first victory of the season for Ferrari, the golden chance for Vettel to prove his own worth to all the misbelievers- and above all to himself.

But then something happened, with the FIA finding out some irregularities that costed him 5 seconds of penalty.

Yet, Maranello have greeted its driver by showing off the victory flag at the factory, just the same, in a passive-aggressive way to prove that it was Sebastian the winner of that Grand Prix, and no one else.

His so needed victory was “stolen” away and then the season went on with many highs and also many lows for him, with Charles Leclerc enchanting the crowd and attracting the spotlights in his maiden season in Ferrari and some important victories a lot of pole-positions.

All these things should have been forgotten to focus on the future, but this memory seems to be hunting Sebastian Vettel.

The German driver said it during the Ferrari Convention test that took place on December 18th.

All the team was there: Mattia Binotto, John Elkann and Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel said on the mic- “Canada’s victory have been stolen away from us.”

A comprehensible regret that will give him the strength to take the revenge of the ghost of that victory by winning more races in 2020.

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