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Ferrari opens its Academy to girls: women to be included in the junior program

The Maranello-based team just said it wants to add female drivers into their junior program.

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Ferrari opens its Academy to girls: women to be included in the junior program
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Formula 1 is recently changing a lot and it is doing it very fast, as you would expect from a sport based on being quick.

The most recent ones are about regulations, Pirelli’s 18-inches tyres, going “green” and possibly welcoming electric engine.

This time the news is about including women in motorsport with a strong and actual move.

Ferrari just decided to include also female drivers in their new junior program that has always been open only to males- a bold move that includes some big steps towards gender equality.

Driving should be a “man’s work”: is it really so?

In motorsport there have been only six female drivers who were able to participate in an official F1 championship. The most successful one remains Lella Lombardi, who scored an half point at the Spanish Grand Prix in 1975. The most recent one is Susie Wolff. Yet, in the middle, there are Tatiana Calderon, Jamie Chadwick and other occasional drivers.

Looking at cold numbers and performances it may seem like females are behind but just think at all the facilities that man have: the same junior program has always been dedicated to men only, women are few and they cannot train like men do.

Carmen Jorda, talking about the F1 Championship said she believed that there should be a female Championship to allow to females to win a World title. Nothing could be more wrong, as women can compete with guys, there is no difference and there could and should be a unique championship to crown the F1 Champion- gender apart, as every other sport that includes the using of a “device”, i.e. in equestrian sports just like dressage and show-jumping.

Ferrari is doing all of that: in 2020, girls will have the chance to grow and learn like their male colleagues.

Mattia Binotto while talking about the importance of the Academy for the Prancing Horse future said- “the Academy also looks for women in the future. Women should be part of the Ferrari Driver Academy. That's something on which we are working right now to make sure that it may happen very soon."

A big change that meets also Lewis Hamilton’s favour, as the Brit has been the first black driver to come into the major Formula and he is hoping to make it more accessible to everyone.

A fair move that may change the rules and make motorsport a temple of velocity, where it will not matter who you and where you come from but how fast you can go.


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