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Binotto remarks that Vettel became more confident with the victory in Singapore

Ferrari’s boss Mattia Binotto claims that Vettel’s victory at Marina Bay was fundamental to enhance the performance of the four-time Formula 1 World Champion.

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Binotto remarks that Vettel became more confident with the victory in Singapore
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Following the debate over the dispute between Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel, Mattia Binotto underlined how Singapore’s victory was fundamental to boost Vettel’s confidence and foster confidence within the team.

Indeed, despite starting from the third position behind Lewis Hamilton, Vettel managed to undercut his contender after the first stint. Unexpectedly, the overtook also Charles Leclerc, who was leading the race. Ferrari decided then, to not give the team order and let the Monegasque talent pass through, as Vettel was struggling with the traffic and Leclerc was attacked by Verstappen.

Binotto, reminding the victory in Singapore, pointed out how the win was beneficial for Vettel, making him feel more comfortable with the car and improve in the second part of the season.

"He has been uncomfortable with the car at the start of the season, certainly with the braking instability," affirmed Binotto.

"I think the challenge of Leclerc for him has been a good benchmark as well because having such a fast team-mate gave him some headaches.

"In order to improve himself, he's always very analytic. He approaches the exercise, he's not emotional in that respect, he's looking at the data, to compare the sectors, looking where he's eventually slower or faster.

"In the first part of the season, he has been put under a lot of pressure. I think he reacted very well in the second half.

"The victory in Singapore has been key for him, not only for the victory itself but the trust in the team.

"He knew that he could count on the team for help, if necessary.

"But I think it was right, it was the right choice and time to let him win."

Binotto concluded remarking how Vettel was as fast as Leclerc during the end of the championships, especially in terms of race pace.

"When he had a lot of overall confidence in the car, I think he has been very fast.

"And if you look at his race pace he is very similar to Charles, who has been faster in quali instead.

"So I think I would say, well done to him for the second part of the season - well done for the way he reacted after a not easy first half of the season."

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