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Verstappen points his finger against the commission : “They are like in football”

The Red Bull first drive did not like the way the stewards judged actions during the season.

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Verstappen points his finger against the commission : “They are like in football”
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The judging system has been the centre of 2019 season. There have been many races that could have seen a different driver on the top pf the podium and also many actions that could have been punished- or not.

The issue was the rulebook written by the FIA and the way it was read by those who should represent it- the stewards.

The main race to be under the spotlight was Canada, in which the Italian referee Pirro sentenced the winner Sebastian Vettel to an unfair and a bitter second place with a 5 seconds penalty.https://motorlat.com/notas/f1/14169/vettels-2019-bittersweet-memories-canadas-stolen-victory#.XgeN2L6MpDA.

However, it was not the only case. Plenty of actions have seen different ways to proceed with a similar situation. The same overtaking could have been seen as regular or irregular and in this case, it would have been punished with different ranges: a “no further action”, a drive through, a time penalty and so on. This was a clear case of an unclear set of rules, written not so well. The blame should be put on the FIA, who seemed like unable to use a unique regulations book and a unique interpretation of it.

The drivers and the teams obviously didn’t appreciate that and while in many occasions we have seen a large amount of recourses, in some other cases someone tried to take advantage of it.

Max Verstappen comes back talking on this point during the winter break and says - “It’s the same thing in football, isn’t it?  You have a rulebook, but then there are the referees to apply it and they can choose if punish it with a red or a yellow flag, it depends on the League.”

With 2021 bringing a whole new set or rules, it seems more needed than ever having a clear rulebook for the next seasons coming.

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