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New logo for F1 2020 championship: 70th anniversary celebrations kick off

After the restyling operated in 2017, Liberty Media will add a new feature in order to celebrate the first race back in 1950

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New logo for F1 2020 championship: 70th anniversary celebrations kick off
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33 world champions over 764 drivers and 150 teams. These are only a few figures of the first 70 years of racing of the F1 World Championship. It was 1950 when the first season took off, when Froilan Gonzalez, Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss were the main drivers competing all over Europe.

Liberty Media wants to take advantage of this anniversary: after the 1000th race celebrations happened this year, highly anticipated already back in 2018, the American promoter will make sure to don’t let pass this important milestone.

As it appearson the official site,

Our past fuels our future and the new logo celebrates a milestone while also looking ahead. Celebrating 70 years is about making the past part of the present, while our sport looks to the future, which it does with confidence and pride

The addition will consist in three different shapes of the “F1” pictogram. The first just adds the “70” aside the main logo. The second reports the trademark “Born in 1950”, as the international brands are settled with.

The final version is recognisable for the word “SEVENTY”, likely to be set as one of the hashtags for the upcoming season.

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