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5 races to look forward in 2020

The Formula 1 2020 season is on the other side of the corner so here are our 5 races that we look forward.

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5 races to look forward in 2020
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2020 is here and before starting with the body of this article, on behalf of the entire MotorLat family we wish you a prosperous year and we hope to continue counting on you one more year. The pre-season tests and the presentations of the new cars are approaching and, along with this, the 2020 Formula 1 season, and also the 70th of the highest category of motor racing. Recall that the calendar of the season will have 22 races, the most extensive in the entire history of F1. Unfortunately, the German Grand Prix will not continue to be part of the 2020 calendar, although it was one of the best races, if not the best, of 2019. But not everything is bad, the Vietnam Grand Prix and the Dutch Grand Prix will be added for next season. But which races will be the best? Here we leave our 5 races that we look forward to.

Dutch Grand Prix

The Zandvoort circuit will once again be part of the F1 calendar after an absence of 35 years. The circuit measures 4,252 km, its maximum winner is Jim Clark with a total of 4 wins, while the most winning team in Zandvoort is Ferrari with 9 wins. These are some of the general facts of the circuit, but why are we looking forward to this date? Recall that there is a Dutch driver in Formula 1, yes, I am talking about Max Verstappen. The fans of this driver are the most passionate to the motor world, specifically to F1 and as before there was no GP in their country, they went to the Austrian, Belgian, Hungarian or German Grand Prix. This time, they will have their own GP in their country, so it is expected to be a party on the circuit and, of course, the favourite driver will be Max. Now, let's imagine that Max wins that GP, the whole country would be a party and the circuit would be the main point. For my part, I look forward to this date. On Sunday May 3 we will see if it really meets our expectations.

Italian Grand Prix

In my opinion, this circuit is the most exciting of the season. The famous cathedral of speed is the race that many people expect due to the circuit itself, to the fans (mostly Tifosi), among other things. The “Autodromo Nazionale di Monza” consists of 5,793 km and 53 laps. The biggest winners in the Italian Grand Prix are Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, both with 5 wins, while Ferrari is the top winner with 20 wins. The Italian Grand Prix was for many the best GP last year because Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc kept both Mercedes behind and managed to achieve the victory.

Australian Grand Prix

Although it is not the most exciting race of the championship, the Australian Grand Prix means that the winter break is over and, therefore, we have 22 exciting races throughout the year. The Melbourne circuit measures 5,303 km, its top winner is Michael Schumacher with 4 wins, while Ferrari and McLaren are the teams with the highest number of victories is this GP, each with 12. It should be noted that the 2020 Australian Grand Prix will be the 25th edition. As we said at the beginning, it is not the most active and exciting race but we look forward to it so that the 70th season of F1 finally begins.

Vietnamese Grand Prix

It is the first time that Vietnam hosts a Formula 1 Grand Prix so we don't have the top winner data or any historical facts. However, as we have already mentioned, it is a new Grand Prix so we feel the excitement of knowing how the circuit will be, which is a bit peculiar since it has very long straights but also very tight/close turns. Who will take the victory in Vietnamese territory?

Mexican Grand Prix

The main reason why this Grand Prix is ​​named on this list is, once again, by the fans. The Mexican Grand Prix returned to Formula 1 in 2015 after having been absent since 1993. The track is named “Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez” in honor of Ricardo and Pedro Rodríguez, Mexican drivers who were part of Formula 1. The circuit measures 4,304 km, its top winner is Jim Clark with 3 wins, while the team with the most wins is Lotus. As expected, the local hero is the main reason why Mexicans attend the circuit to watch the race. I'm talking about Sergio Pérez. Mexican fans unconditionally support the local driver; however, the Mexican Grand Prix is ​​a F1ESTA whether Checo is or not. Everyone supports all the drivers; the circuit has an incredible atmosphere. I would say that the Foro Sol, or also known as the stadium, has the best atmosphere in racing matters. Hopefully in 2020 they will continue surprising us.

Anyway, there are 22 races that we have in the year, who will manage to win the championship? Which race will be the best in 2020?

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