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Daniel Ricciardo's 2020 vision

After finishing 9th in the Drivers' Standings in 2019, Daniel Ricciardo has a clear approach to 2020.

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Daniel Ricciardo's 2020 vision
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Daniel Ricciardo’s latest Twitter post was December 15th 2019 when he retweeted a video from a UFC event of two UFC fighters doing a ‘shoey’. The shoey has become synonymous with the image of the much-loved Aussie and the fact that he kept his beaming smile after a turbulent 2019 F1 season is just one of the many reasons he is adored by so many race fans. However, do not be fooled by the smile because the lack of tweets can also be seen as the sign of a person refocusing ready to tackle the 2020 season with all his might.

F1.com has revealed that Daniel Ricciardo is very much intending to have a hands-on role in 2020:

“For [2020] I’ve got some ideas of things I can do more or better… I feel like I integrated myself into the team well this year, but I look back and am like ‘I can do more’. I want to have a bit more presence before the season starts, before testing, but also have some ideas of things we can do together as a team to get us into the season.”

Following Daniel Ricciardo’s dramatic departure from a race winning Red Bull Racing Team, he finished his first season in the black and yellow of Renault in ninth place. Therefore, another reason for the lack of tweets and social media presence in recent weeks may also come from the fact that Ricciardo has previously said he would have a break:

“I will definitely take some time off, as I think everyone should. Whether you have work to do or not, I am adamant that it is important that everyone needs to switch off at some point. You get to a point where you are just overworking and under achieving. It is not productive anymore. So we will do that.”

For 2020, due to the fact regulations are not experiencing the overhaul that will come in 2021, there is more stability and as such there could be a real battle in store between Renault and McLaren.

Lando Norris has been compared to Daniel Ricciardo due to the jovial nature each displays and many people will remember that press conference which resulted in tears of laughter from the rookie Brit. So, the prospect of the two going wheel to wheel is tantalising indeed.

Renault Team Principal Cyril Abiteboul’s thoughts were also shared on the official F1 website showing he is aware of the challenge posed by McLaren.

“The difficulty first is to maintain that P4 position now that McLaren has been able to come back from where they were before and the main difficulty will be not to stay P5 or P4 – because we should not be content with that, and I’m sure Zak [Brown] is not content with that – but also to bridge the gap with the top teams,”

Many race fans are eager for 2021 regulations but with the prospect of a closely fought midfield ready to pounce if the top 3 put a foot wrong – 2020 may bring more excitement than anyone originally expected.

2020 also brings a new logo to F1, read all about it here:


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