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“I don’t need pats on the back”: Russell’s explanation of Mercedes’ criticism

George Russell shows his potentialities in order to have a future with the Silver Arrow.

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“I don’t need pats on the back”: Russell’s explanation of Mercedes’ criticism
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There’s no need to say that: nowadays, any driver of any age and of any nationality dreams to be with Mercedes.

The Brackley based team cast a very long shadow of dominance in the past six years and seems to be doomed to reign for many more to come. It has a very intense program for young drivers to help them develop the team and their own skills. This way Toto Wolff and his colleagues may choose the one who will become Hamilton’s heir.

There are already some guys who made it to Formula 1 thanking the Silver Arrow: one of them is Esteban Ocon, former Force India driver who experienced a sabbatical year only to come back in the major formula in 2020. You will remember of Pascal Wehrlein too, who is currently the Ferrari’s sim driver.

A young driver who is full of talent and who comes – and aims to go driving for – Mercedes, is George Russell. The Brit drove his maiden season for Williams and, although it was his teammate Kubica who scored more points, it was Russell the real star.


The Englishman is fast and focused, and his determination is beyond limits. He said that Mercedes is very demanding as a team and it is devoted more to criticise its drivers more than flattering them.

“I remember that when I won the GP3 title I got a phone call from them. They congratulated, and immediately after we were already talking about future tasks. I thought : “Shouldn’t I think about partying to celebrate?” ”- Russell says.

“They don’t call you to tell you that you did a good job but they are ready to point out when you don’t. But it’s ok. They believe in me and be part of this team is a huge honour. I certainly don’t need no pats on the back”.

It is undeniable that George Russell has all the qualities that build up a champion. He has the right team behind him, he is fast and he keeps showing up a rude determination that will bring him upwards.


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