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The fuel battle ignites. Horner: FIA don't have the expertise of teams

Red Bull team principal is adding more tension over the probable illegality of Ferrari’s Power Unit in the last rounds of 2019 season

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The fuel battle ignites. Horner: FIA don't have the expertise of teams
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The novel started when teams reached the Ardennes for the Belgian Grand Prix. Ferrari on one of the fastest circuits of the entire calendar impressed both Red Bull and Mercedes for the pace and for the speed kept all over the weekend.

Then came Monza: another massive strength opposed to the other two best squad of the Circus In the “temple of the speed”. And the minds of the competitors’ engineers started to rumble.

Singapore, even not being on the list of the circuits where PU is fundamental, became the typical straw that broke the camel's back: accusations, suspects and demands of clarifications poured down on the paddock; especially from the mouth of Christian Horner.

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Now Horner can describe himself as satisfied:

"I think what has been clarified is a lockdown in various areas, which is focused on what's happening going forward rather than looking behind us” told to Autosport.com “And for us, what was enormously important was to have absolute clarity going into the 2020 season"; FIA, in fact, has clarified to have established a second fuel flow sensor to better control one of the area that are said to be the new loophole of the decade.

But he didn’t refuse to throw a stab to FIA:

"The power unit aspect of the car is an incredibly complex piece of kit. And I think that the FIA don't have the expertise that the teams have developed”.

On the other hand, Mattia Binotto, grabbed the attention on how many checks were made to the Cavallino cars compared to the rivals:

"If I look at the whole season, we have been one of the most checked teams, that was before or after the technical directives. And when you got a performance advantage, and certainly we got it during the whole season, we have been the most checked”.

Is the war just begun again?


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