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The Magic of Maranello and the fascination of Ferrari

Prior to the February 11th Ferrari F1 car launch, let’s reflect on the magic of Maranello and the fascination of Ferrari.

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The Magic of Maranello and the fascination of Ferrari
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Scuderia Ferrari will be unveiling their 2020 challenger for the 2020 F1 season on February 11th at Maranello in Italy. Wikipedia tells its viewers: ‘Maranello (Modenese: Maranèl) is a town and commune in the region of Emilia-Romagna in Northern Italy, 18 km from Modena, with a population of 17,165 as of 2013. It is known worldwide as the home of Ferrari and Scuderia Ferrari Formula One racing team.’ Prior to this car launch, just under a month away, let’s reflect on the magic of Maranello and the fascination of Ferrari.

In the first instance, any fans hoping to gain access to the Ferrari factory and have a tour in the same way as one can gain access at Lamborghini – will be sorely disappointed. The factory is strictly for Ferrari personnel only so one must be content with a fleeting photo of the gates due to the fact that no cars are allowed to park at the front of it. However, visitors can access an exclusive shuttle bus tour to the legendary Fiorano track and along the Viale Enzo Ferrari Boulevard in the factory complex…but must remain on the bus at all times - and photography and videoing is prohibited!

Despite keeping the Ferrari factory itself under wraps, just a short ride down the same road will bring visitors to the Ferrari Museum. As the publicity tells us “the Ferrari Museum invites visitors to live the Prancing Horse dream first-hand. It offers a unique and enthralling voyage of discovery, a story told through cars that have made automotive history on streets and circuits the world over.”

Despite the success of Mercedes in recent years, it is fair to say that when the majority of fans think of Formula 1, the first thought of a manufacturer associated with it - is Ferrari. Therefore, it was no surprise that Ferrari retained its right to veto Formula 1 rules as part of the new Concorde Agreement that has been drafted for 2021. This simply means that the Prancing Horse has the power to block rules that it believes are not in its own interests or those of Formula One itself. However, the last time this veto was used was back in 2015 due to blocking a move to introduce a maximum price for engines and gearboxes – so not exactly groundbreaking.

However, in the words of Spider-Man ‘With Great Power there must also come Great Responsibility’ and Ferrari have shown this responsibility in recent weeks due to the way that they have played a crucial part in providing a fairer financial agreement resulting in plans for a more equal share of wealth for the 10 teams from commercial deals.

The buzz words in society at the moment are ‘economically viable’ and Ferrari know the key to success is to have more teams on the grid and less stories repeating the fate of Caterham F1. One of the most dramatic changes, agreed by Ferrari, is that their historic ‘heritage bonus’ will be cut. For a team yet to win a title since 2008, this could be a good thing as the Italian marque is almost saying they do not want to live off past success but instead write new chapters of their history. With the combined talent of Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc, 2020 could very realistically be the year this comes to pass.

When reflecting on Ferrari’s decision to retain the services of the Monegasque until 2024, Charles Leclerc made clear how much he loves his team:

"I am very happy to be staying on with Scuderia Ferrari…This past season, driving for the most illustrious team in Formula 1 has been a dream year for me. I cannot wait to enjoy an even deeper relationship with the team after what has been an intense and exciting 2019. I'm keen to see what the future holds and I can't wait to get going again next season."

Ferrari may be the most illustrious team on the grid and now is the time for them to get back to the top, which could make the 2020 F1 season a fascinating one indeed.

Charles Leclerc loves Ferrari and its fans love him back: https://www.motorlat.com/notas/f1/12836/the-tifosi-announced-the-changing-of-the-guard

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