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How McLaren’s quality leap will influence the following season: “It won’t be as sensational as 2019”

For the next season the British team is expecting less positive results.

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How McLaren’s quality leap will influence the following season:  “It won’t be as sensational as 2019”
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McLaren is headed North for the following season. After three seasons of sufferings and humiliations for a team that was at the top of this sport for ages and which helped the making of sensational champions in its golden days, the plague of a deceitful car seems to be over.

During the 2019 season, the Woking- based team has risen from its ashes of a failed Honda motorisation strategy and spread its papaya wings into the motorsport sky again.

The last season ended with McLaren at a solid 4th place in the Constructors’ Championship Standing. It confirmed the overall sensation of an important improvement in the performing of both car set-up, strategy and synergy between the team and its drivers.

However, it seems like McLaren won’t be able to make again this quality leap in 2020.

“The big quality leap from 2018 to 2019 didn’t just happen overnight- said Zak Brownwe worked really hard to fix every part that didn’t worked as it should, so we won’t see coming such a huge improvement for the next season.”

McLaren’s boss talks about the team’s plan for 2020 as it is doing a great work for 2020 as well – “The 2020 car seems good and we have the 2021 one in the wind tunnel already. We have James Key to work on the car development and we couldn’t count on him last year. On the other hand, in our team there is also Andreas Seidl but he can’t be able to show his qualities right now as he joined our team only in the middle of the year.”

However, there are all the reasons why we should expect a great season from the Brits. We have already analysed all the changes that have occurred in the staff. One point that is positive is the drivers line-up, with two young and talented drivers confirmed for 2020 as well – Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz- who will race hardly against each other without harming the team and new sponsors coming on the way to Woking: we are talking about Rexona.https://motorlat.com/notas/f1/14294/williams-and-its-sponsors-rexona-out-sofina-in#.Xh7h60thD-Q

The road for 2020 is built, now we will see how they will race on it.

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