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Kevin Magnussen is sure that Haas can avoid falling in a “black hole” like McLaren and Williams

The Haas’ driver is trustworthy about his team potentialities for 2020 season.

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Kevin Magnussen is sure that Haas can avoid falling in a “black hole” like McLaren and Williams
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2019 was not a good season at all for Haas. We should call it “disastrous” to be honest, and it was such a pity because the signs were so positive in the beginning.

The first race of the 2019 season was excellent for the American team. In fact, in Melbourne Haas proved to have the possibility to count on a reliable engine and on a good aero and led a definitely brilliant race. The fact is, you have to wait for more consistency in terms of results before you can call yourself safe. From that moment things started to become more and more complicated. Negative races, a weak car, had pointed the rest of the season and the team lost some important sponsors.

And yet, there is someone who still believes in them. Haas’ driver Kevin Magnussen claims to be sure that 2020 will work differently for his team and that Haas can come back stronger.

The Danish looks backwards at the general situation on the team’s process so far and he feels sure that 2019 is only a single clumsy season.

“It was a difficult, difficult time – the 27-year old says – but let’s face it, it was the first time we had to go backwards. If you look back at the past seasons, we have always raced well. In three years we have passed from a 8th place in the Constructors’ Standings in 2015 to a 5th place in 2018. Three placements gained in three years. Although it may not seems so much I can assure you it is a great improvement. Just think about Toro Rosso. They never have finished in the top five. Never.”

The driver looks like he is satisfied about being part of Haas’ team and he looks quite confident that the US team can avoid falling in the black hole that called McLaren and Williams. - “A single step backwards is comprehensible. It’s not human to expect to go straightly forwards all the time. That’s the good part of being such a small and young team. We can get up quickly and fix it all up”- K- Mag declares.

We have already had the chance to prove this man’s positivity and determination. When McLaren fired him, he waited patiently to go back in a F1 car and he kept working so hard.https://motorlat.com/notas/f1/13391/magnussen-reacts-to-haas-situation-i-deserve-a-seat-in-a-top-team-does-he#.Xi7ScxnSxGY.

Do you remember his slogan “Upwards and onwards”? Let us hope it will work for his team too as it already did for him.

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