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Sebastian Vettel wants engines V12 back while Nico Rosberg is in favour of racing with hybrids

The four-time world champion disagrees of changing engines and racing with hybrid power units.

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Sebastian Vettel wants engines V12 back while Nico Rosberg is in favour of racing with hybrids
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Sebastian Vettel has lived some changes in Formula 1 and we can say that he has learnt a lot thanks to this changes. The four-time world champion debuted in 2007 and he achieved his first World Championship in 2010. We all know that 2021 will be a change of era as F1 will modify the rules once again. The last big change of rules was seen in 2014 when the hybrid engines (or power units) were imposed instead of the V12s, V10s and V8s. Since that year, Mercedes has been very dominant that they have won every championship until now. This unexpected change caused polemic on-track and off-track. One driver that is against these “new” engines is Seb. Here is why.

If we remember, during the last Russian Grand Prix, the German driver was forced to retire after having an issue with his power unit. Some people say that he could’ve won the Grand Prix if his engine hadn’t had problems. “Bring back ******* V12s!” With all his anger, that’s what Seb told to his team after turning off his car. He apologized after that because it wasn’t an appropriated comment, but he has just reaffirmed his statement of that day.

“The first thing I would do would be to double the number of cylinders [from 6 to 12], and I would also bet on removing the batteries. The truth is that I do no think they are needed, except the one we use during the start.” The German commented to “Berliner Kurier” which is a German diary.

Of course, there are a lot of different opinions. Some people agree with Sebastian Vettel but some other disagree. For example, the 2016 World Champion, Nico Rosberg, is in favour of racing with V6 hybrids. One argument that the people who disagree is the lack of noise because the former F1 engines used to make a lot of noise and if you have heard the V6, they don’t do that amount of noise. “The hybrid engine is more efficient than combustion, even with synthetic fuels. Electric power will become even more sustainable thanks to the new battery technology. I already commented in 2018 that F1 will end up merging with Formula E. The new attraction lies in the silent speed. When I travel with my daughters, that calm that is produced is wonderful. I also don’t like the service stations. Now, I get home at night, I plug my car and ready.” Said Nico Rosberg. With who do you agree? With Nico Rosberg and hybrid engines or with Seb and combustion engines?

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