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The strange case of Netflix and F1, Ricciardo’s point of view

The Renault driver talks about the impact of “Drive To Survive” on F1

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The strange case of Netflix and F1, Ricciardo’s point of view
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“Netflix and chill” is the daydream that each one of us holds on through the stressing day, craving for that lazy moment to come in the evening.

There is no news that Netflix has set a new trend in the world on movies and TV series and it gave a bold help against online fraud and hacking. https://motorlat.com/notas/f1/14506/has-the-shanghai-sports-federation-taken-the-decision-out-of-the-fias-hands#.Xjv0g3ROXlE

The super famous platform had joined everyone in a unique trend, and it came into sports as well. There is, i.e. , a series about figure skating called “Spinning Out” and there is a series about Formula 1 too.

We are talking about “Drive To Survive”. This series just finished the first season and there is the second one in the background, at work.

Daniel Ricciardo has his own opinion about it. The Australian thinks that with Netflix involved into F1, the consequences may affect the so-called “real world” as well. His opinion is that the TV Show is useful to spread the word of our beloved sport in the United States - I spend a lot of time in America and there were very few people to say “hi” to me - says Daniel – but “Drive To Survive” definitely put F1 on the map”.

All the American people that watch Netflix -according to him- hence the globality of the population, is starting to get curious about F1. What does it bring? Attention, well-deserved and useful attention towards our sport. A precious quality in this period that is manifesting a progressive lack of interest in F1 in terms of fan. Only in the US there is an increase of interest in the sport of 62% between the under 35-year old - And now it’s all: ‘We saw you on Netflix, it was great, Drive to Survive.’ It helps to bring Australia in the sunshine, which is great. I’m doing my dream job. I travel the world to drive car in circles. It’s awesome.”

The second series’ premieres will be out on Netflix on February 28th and it will feature 10 F1 teams, including Mercedes and Ferrari, who denied their participation in first place during Season 1.

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